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Never met a sport I didn't like.
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I like long walks in the park ... but I prefer home runs in Fenway Park. 

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Asked: What do you think about Jim Tressel's five-game ...

Ohio State granted Jim Tressel's request to extend his suspension from two games to five. Is Tressel still getting off too easy? Should Ohio State be punished too?

Asked: NHL: Too dangerous?

In light of the injuries to Max Pacioretty and Sidney Crosby, do you think the NHL needs more focus on safety?

Asked: Wrongly left out of the NCAA tournament?

For some teams, the bubble popped on Selection Sunday. Which team in particular do you think was left out unfairly?

Asked: Who's in your Final Four?

Which teams are in the Final Four of your NCAA bracket?

Asked: Will the NFL have a 2011 season?

Do you think the owners and players can resolve their dispute?

Asked: Do you agree with the suspension of Jim Tressel?

Jim Tressel has received a two-game suspension and a $250,000 fine for failing to inform Ohio State officials about allegations concerning two of his players. Is this punishment too little, too much ...

Asked: Danica Patrick finishes fourth: Significant?

Danica Patrick finished fourth in a Nationwide Series race -- the highest finish ever by a woman in NASCAR. Do you think this is an important achievement? Or will the real achievement be a win by a ...

Asked: Your reaction to the death of Wes Leonard?

What's your reaction to the news that Wes Leonard, 16, died after celebrating the winning shot in his high school basketball team's perfect season?

Asked: Was BYU right to suspend Brandon Davies?

The BYU basketball team has suspended Brandon Davies for premarital sex in violation of the school's honor code. Do you agree or disagree with BYU's decision?

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