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Asked: Putting songs on my phone

just got a smart phone android and was wondering where and how do i put songs on my phone for free is there a site that i can get the songs without paying for them

Answered: Love

acually shedragon it does work when you tell some one you love them thats how i got my husband we were friends 4 a very long time and i had fallin in love with him i didnt know if he felt the same way ...

Asked: Where can i find uggs in the bx

i want to buy a pair of uggs and i wanted to know is there a store in the bronx like maybe on fordham road where i can buy them

Answered: If your teen daughter lied about her age and had ...

i would be mad at both but more of my daughter cuz its not the guys fault if she lied about her age he was under the impression she was of age she should know better cuz she could get real men the ...

Answered: What does ga:15w4d means at the bottom of a ...

15 weeks and 4 days thats how long you've been pregnant

Asked: Can you own a dog while on parole

can anyone plz tell me can you own a dog while on parole i would love to ge a dog but my fiance is on parole and i dont want to get dog and we have to get rid of it

Answered: Love

well is he in a relationship with someone else cause then that would be hard but i would tell him when the time is right you will know when the right time is o tell him trust me bu like lynn said hes ...

Answered: False Eyelashes or Mascara?

mascara is better cause fake eyelashes actually ruin your real ones when its time to take them off theres actually mascara that makes your eyelashes stronger and healthy but not all

Asked: Is there a way to get your picture on your ...

is there a way to get your picture on your benefit card in ny...i need my picture on my card for id purposes so does anyone one know how i can do this i really need to know asap!!!!


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