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Delilah cut Sampson's hair and forced him into servitude and demise, powerful is woman, strong and vigilant, she brought her men off battlefields to carry them on her back to safety or to burial
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Answered: How many different types of banjos are there?

P., There are many kinds, but 2 main ones../ here is a link that may help.. Sweet G 7/5 ........................................... Banjos 101 I've been ...

Answered: Is Your Commute Hurting Your Marriage?

Don't work or commute, but all that I know have no problems.. S G

Answered: Can Women be Military and Have a Family?

Yes ... No reason not to be fine.. S G

Answered: Do You Believe Water Levels are Rising?

It has been, but very slowly.. S G

Answered: Is Grilling a Man's Job?

No.. both can do it.. S G

Answered: Helmet law for bikers?

When I first started to Ride no one ever thought of a Helmet, and I had hair all the way down to my Butt, we wore hair tied up and a leather band, or Dew rag.. Sweet G 7/5

Answered: Have you eaten the perfect burger?

Place called Donovan's.. every week.. S G

Answered: Assessing the President


Answered: Assessing the President

Patriot Action Network "ONE MAN WITH COURAGE IS A MAJORITY" Thomas Jefferson Asst Natl Dir Mellie B Check out the discussion 'Remember the guy who wouldn't take the flag down?' Update on the ...


Morgan says:
" know if sometimes my demeanor changes it is because I speak with the voices of some that you know and some we have lost track of. I fear for them. But I will continue to fight and write. LDE"
Morgan says:
"I grow tired Gypsey. Mybe someday I will stop this madness on Yedda. Thank you Gypsey for all you do. Lady Darko E"
Morgan says:
"Gypsey the force is always with you go to and you will find so much that you yearn for. OOOOOOAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Boy howdy all love you Gypsey."
Morgan says:
"Your really rockin and sockin proud to know you. Hey did you see where someone called Ignor amous oh wait Lenoreamous or infamous someone or other thinks I am you and you me. LOLOLOL Where have we heard that before? Same crap different thrower. LOLOLOL Keep up the great work you are a great Sweetness to Yedda. L.Darko"
Captain Ron says:
"Hi S.G.! Just thinking about you and hope you're doing well. Thanks for always having my back. You know I'll always have yours! Have a great day EVERY day!"
MarineReconDad says:
"Gypsey, I don't know who or where you are but I feel a kinship with you! Thank you for your kindness and friendship, your friend as always MRD"
MarineReconDad says:
"The reason I luv ya honey is I know you are one of the ones who always has MRD's back."
MarineReconDad says:
"Love YA Gypsy. I would love to give ya the chance to love well! MRD"
Captain Ron says:
"From all the darts you take from frogs and such here on this blog, you handle your defense very well. I learn from you. Thank you. You are a sweet lady, Sweet Gypsey."
Morgan says:
"Sweet Gypsey you are a jewel in a batch of glass. You fight the enemy and with it you add an intelligence, depth of feeling, emotion and determination that is rare as hen's teeth. I do not come on often but I often remember you. Thank you for all your support, it means so much, especially now with all so dark. A fan of yours Lady D"
finabiscotti says:
"Thanks for all the inspirational posts."
Pat D says:
"SG; You are so quiet and thoughtful that I sometimes forget that you are there until you burst from the gloom to post your always significant thoughts...Forever inspirational...Thanks!"
Capt. Conservative says:
"Gypsey is a True Patriot. She has an ever lasting love and respect for our Military. She sticks to what she believes and never waivers. She certainly has my respect in return."
richard says:
"Sweet Gypsey you and your never give-up attitude and the strenght to hang in there for your beliefs when the going gets tuff I can look and your still there!"