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Answered: How 2 overcome low self esteam?

First off being shy, does'nt make you a coward. Try something new everyday go after your dream jobs remember all's they can do is say no, change your hairstyle clothes makeup etc., tell yourself you ...

Answered: My cat is lethargic

You said your cat was just diagnosed as a diabetic, did'nt your vet tell you how to care for your cat, you should call the vet that treated your cat.

Answered: Cheating girlfriend/ fiancee'

First of all anyone, who has a P C,get's spyware to protect their PC , how can spy ware,prove she was cheating? I believe you both have alot of growing up to do, I dont think you two were meant for ...

Answered: Health Care

yes, for the last 3yr's it's been hell,may 2005 was in emergency rm 2 days, in june again, then july is where evertthing was crazy, I was in the hospital for 2mo's vomiting & violate pain, it would ...

Answered: To Bee or Not?

yes as long as it's in a container, 4oz's or less

Answered: Love him deeply

the one loved deeply must not have the qualitys need to make you happy, the other has what you're looking for, but you,re not feeling it, I dont think going back gonna be any differant, nor should you ...

Answered: My boyfriends brother is ten almost eleven and ...

He should be seeing a doctor, for like crohns,cancer,or mebtal illness, but doing nothing to find the cause is no good.

Answered: Who else is excited about the redistribution of ...

Look everyone has an opinion,& the right to express it, this country is so busy saving other countries, that we pay the price, but it's our goverment thatdoing it, but russia is far from perfect, but ...

Answered: Talent Scout or Not?

The first 2 cures to tell you if their for real is, 1 they ask for money upfront, 2 is they tell you that you need headshots photo's etc & they tell you where to go & how much that is, a real agent ...

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