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The Wine Snob

Provides reviews and recommendations for wines and wine related products.  His roots started with a significant focus on California but has branched out over the past decade with travels to South Africa and France and a focused effort to experience wines from around the world.  The wine Snob publishes a periodic newsletter with wine recommendations including the results of blind tastings and recommendations for food pairings.

The Wine Snob also conducts Wine Tasting Dinners for restaurants, corporate functions and private events.

The Wine Snob also serves as a consultant to both restaurants and wine retailers to develop a their wine offering and associated services.


In addition to wine knowledge, The Wine Snob is:

- An Accomplished Chef

- Exceptional Custom Furniture Creator/Builder

- Telecommunications Geek!

- And Quite Modest ;)

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Answered: What is the ideal temperature for a wine cellar?

58 if you don't want the wine to age. 60 if you want to drink it before your grandchildren inherit it!

Answered: Expensive wine

Depending on the vintage, I would say at least three years, most will last for 5, and exceptional might last for 10. That said, my personal preference is drinking 3 to 5 years.

Asked: What wine pairs best with a salad?

What wine pairs best with a salad?

Answered: Lake George wine

It is always difficult to identify perfection when it comes to wine/ambiance synergy. That said, 28 North Lane fosters a relaxed state of mind vulnerable to enhancement with fireside sips of ...

Answered: I am looking for a good red as a 40th Birthday ...

I would suggest a port. i doubt that any red wine you would find would be either affordable or drinkable. I wish I had better news

Answered: Is it bad if you take champange out of the frigde ...

agree with above. The biggest enemy of wine is temperature change and it is compounded by frequency and magnitude.

Answered: Is Argon safe to use as a wine perserver?

I have not used it, but i know folks that have and think it is great. Personally I (and most of my folks) use the vacuum style sealer and they work great.

Answered: I have some very dry home made wine that wish ...

Bad idea! If its too dry, consider adding something as/when you drink it. Once wine is wine... introducing sugar wont stimulate fermentation unless you pan on adding some yeast... again.. a bad idea ...

Answered: I have a bottle of 1998 Kavaklidere yakut red ...

Probably nothing and it might still be drinkable.

Answered: Holiday party red wine selection?

Amber Knolls is not only a nice bottle, it has a very nice labe so the presentation as a gift will go over well. I also like Peachy Canyon's "Cirque du Vin" that is a bordeaux style blend and what I ...


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