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Answered: Is there an Hebrew translation of the poem ...

Not that I know of. There are however translations to modern English , and some versions for children: (not all of them online ...

Answered: Dog names

The female Labrador Retrievers I read about were called Zoey , Patricia , Frances and Daisy .

Answered: Matlab Hebrew support

My brother uses the Hebrew Matlab guide by Dori Peleg from the technion.

Answered: Would you consider getting an iphone?

Well, the iphone features include a touch screen created for use with a finger only, as if it was a computer mouse; a virtual keyboard on the touchscreen with automatic spell checking, predictive word ...

Answered: Is Britney Spears seeing a shrink? who is she or ...

It seems that she hasn't any, although some would have liked to help her: Cary Cooper , Linda Blair and Lorraine Sherr .

Asked: What is the origin of the name Drambui (a Scottish ...

What is the origin of the name Drambui (a Scottish liqueur)?

Answered: Lost Theories

I can only rely on "others'" theories, such as , and .

Asked: Paper production without wood

Is there any environment friendly innovation for manufacturing paper without cutting wood?

Answered: Free Photo Gallery template

I use JAlbum - download free.

Answered: Commercial Surrogacy in western countries

Well, it depends how one defines "exploitation". If the definition includes all cases when richer people pay poorer people for goods and services - then surrogacy is sometimes an exploitation in ...


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