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Asked: How do you

how do you put yourself back on your feet again if your leggs are broken ???

Asked: Solved fuel problem ?

if cars run on water { and they can } why don't we use that system ???

Answered: Hope

i think it's because life and the world run in circle's

Asked: Water

why dose the earth have so much water[ in all form's] and the other planet's have so little ???

Commented: About ddavel544's answer

yah but i haven't seen anything from that son of a raindeer for a coon's age !!! ha ha ha how about you ?

Commented: About Bonestructure's answer

most of us know that north+south america fit to the other side of the alantic but if you look at the pacfic hawiai was in mexico there's 4 to 5 line's from west to east that stop's at the west side of ...

Answered: How can i get tan fast?

there are two way's tan in a can or when your tanning use a spray bottle with water and vinger spray yourself with it you will get a dark tan vary fast !

Answered: How to slow a Drag car down?

magnetic brakes is the new way ?

Asked: Hope

why ? dos history repete it's self ?



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