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I have posted my opinion on AOL Answers as a public service. These opinions are not intended as legal guidance nor do they create a counsel-client relationship. I recommend that you also consult counsel where you have an actionable case or so have reason to believe. E. Carter, Esq.
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Patent attorney.  Juris Doctor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1972.

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Commented: About Reverend Cooper's answer

Has anyone ever heard an argument less convincing than this one? Please, break with atheism. That way you'd be more convincing.

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Atheists have all been conditioned as were Pavlov's dogs: to respond to fixed and repetitive stimuli. That is why atheists cannot think independently or rationally. If they could think rationally ...

Commented: About J H's answer

Once again, why do atheists threaten to bore tax accountants to death? Do you have any idea how ludicrous you are? Atheists and Satanists have a few things in common: they are devious, bitter ...

Commented: About Tony's answer

Is there anything more obvious or ridiculous than the games of atheists? At least try to be more intelligent in the future. Your insulting post was intended to cause anger, but instead you show that ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Indeed, what good are they? Atheists tend to be the laziest of people, always trying to get out of their duties. They would rather suffer the miseries of hell than do as they should, as doing as ...

Commented: About Morgan's answer

"Greater love has no one than this: that he should lay down his life for his friends." Love and courage are the marks of a great man. If we lack the one we can use the other to fill in the gap.

Answered: How to correct SS Number on Death Certificate ...

This is a probate issue. If the estate has been probated, and dismissed with prejudice, and all proceeds disbursed to the heirs, then there is neither a matter of fact nor of law to settle. However ...

Answered: Hitler's So Cal Bunker

There are 34 sites in the Los Angeles area that were home to German, Italian, and Japanese subversion during WWII. Most were deep underground. One was a Japanese underground transmitting station ...

Answered: Would you have the courage of a martyr? EL ...

It is unfortunate that there is such evil in the world that they who ask others to behave compassionately face death by the merchants of evil. Gangs in Mexico have a mean streak that would press ...

Answered: HR 347 sponsor?

Owing to the violence and vandalism ot the "Occupiers," it was necessary to place such structures as Government Hospitals, courts, and emergency services, under special protection. Due to the ...



Lady Aban Ceaulosevic says:
"Seldom do I see such wisdom in an attorney. As heartless as the legal profession is supposed to be, you have a human heart in you despite it all. "
Stanley Pembroke says:
"Seldom do I find the words of an attorn ey encouraging, but yours are quite different: you speak the truth in a lively voice and bring your point home logically. "
stressed says:
"Sage wisdom, brilliant mind. Words of worth 2B trusted. "
n says:
"Leagle, thanks for the kind words. I agree with yoy that much of what we see online is negative. It seems it is always easier for many people to be negative rather than positive."
Pax Aeternum says:
"I read some of your answers and comments. It is only very rare that I need a lawyer but if I need one might I consult you?"
Morgan says:
"Boy you are something good on Yedda and I sure enjoy reading your posts. What a sharp mind you have. Thank you for your contributions keep um coming. Lady Darko"