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I have posted my opinion on AOL Answers as a public service. These opinions are not intended as legal guidance nor do they create a counsel-client relationship. I recommend that you also consult counsel where you have an actionable case or so have reason to believe. E. Carter, Esq.
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Patent attorney.  Juris Doctor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1972.

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Commented: About Ol' Yeddar's answer

Ol Yeddar, let us contemplate the issue of "assisted suicide." For example, going into a crowded biker bar, and yelling out, "Which one of you wimps rode that Harley," is definitely attempted suicide ...

Commented: About Leagle's answer

dfrogpong, altough you would very much like to exempt atheists from all their duties of law, under a perverse misreading of laws that were repealed in the early 1800's, such an exemption would be ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

The very thought of driving condemned capital felons to suicide with such an abuse as Vogon Poetry is reprehensible. More importantly, it violates the principle of humane slaughter of livestock.

Commented: About validator's answer

Validator, the figures you "cite" are all fantasies. If you will not stick to the facts, the facts discredit you. That is why you are in utter discredit and shall remain there. There is a ...

Commented: About Leagle's answer

There is no question of the insatiable greed of Democrats. They who gave us Billy Sol Estes ({racketeering, nine counts}calling for the declension of Lyndon Johnson in 1964), There are a ...

Commented: About Elden's answer

Only two presidents have done worse than Obama and both were democrats: Clinton (impeached) and Andrew Johnson (impeached). Is there one good reason not to add Obama to that list of national ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

It is indeed difficult to forget that Obama's formative years were all spent in Indonesia -- possibly the most violent outpost of radical Islam save only Syria and Mauritania. Obama learned ...

Commented: About andrewcranky's answer (This answer is not available)

Is there a reason not to chortle at Andrew Cranky and his constant repetition of utter nonsense?

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

This man does not appear to be a teenage gang member. He is a construction worker who complies with OSHA in a hazardous work location. This man is not outfitted for work but is still in a ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

I have seen stranger fashion statements, but admittedly not very many. For example, worn-out jeans that go for a premium price, IMHO is the nth degree in sheer tackiness. Yet slaves of fashion will ...



Lady Aban Ceaulosevic says:
"Seldom do I see such wisdom in an attorney. As heartless as the legal profession is supposed to be, you have a human heart in you despite it all. "
Stanley Pembroke says:
"Seldom do I find the words of an attorn ey encouraging, but yours are quite different: you speak the truth in a lively voice and bring your point home logically. "
stressed says:
"Sage wisdom, brilliant mind. Words of worth 2B trusted. "
n says:
"Leagle, thanks for the kind words. I agree with yoy that much of what we see online is negative. It seems it is always easier for many people to be negative rather than positive."
Pax Aeternum says:
"I read some of your answers and comments. It is only very rare that I need a lawyer but if I need one might I consult you?"
LadyDarko E. says:
"Boy you are something good on Yedda and I sure enjoy reading your posts. What a sharp mind you have. Thank you for your contributions keep um coming. Lady Darko"