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Answered: I want to purchase a purrfect pet beagle and can't ...

Go to the National Beagle Club Website, and look under breeders.

Answered: I think this whole Aol Answers sucks, and is there ...

Just got a call from an AOL rep. He said that the system of the AOL Message Boards was SOOOO antiquated That is was becoming dangerous to the WHOLE system...Do I believe that...Who knows.

Answered: Why is AOL killing the Message Boards?

Many folks are going to NOW leave AOL. It's despicable. The boards were so much fun.

Asked: Gas prices between 2001 and 2006 in USA

Gas prices between 2001 and 2006 in USA

Answered: Octuplet Birth

She is selfish and totally unbalanced. I was never able to have children and this gets to the bottom of hurt I feel. I could have given a child everything. I love children so much that I became a ...

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