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Answered: Paint on a flight

Given the recent no-liquids policy, probably not. If it's a pressurized spray can, definitely not. You can try packing it in your non-carry-on luggage.

Answered: Laptop Case?

Tom Bihn have has a related product: the Brain cell (horizontal or vertical vertical ). Unlike the MacTruck, this one is made from plastic so it can't handle a truck running over it (or a pile of ...

Answered: How can I fix my sound card configuration on ...

Sounds like a mixer problems. See if relevant mixer channels are muted or have low volume.

Answered: Quantom

There is a series of 3 articles in Hebrew on Haayal Hakore, exposing some relevant aspects of quantum mechanics: מתי מטיל אלוהים את הקוביות It doesn't deal specifically with quantum encryption ...




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