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Answered: Does Shenae Grimes have an eating disorder?

Honestly, she doesn't look any thinner to me than anyone else she's been photographed with. I'm not sure why she is being singled out here.

Answered: Who are you Katie Holmes Cruise?

I don't know, I mean, I'll grant you that that NYT cover is rather suspect for someone of her caliber, but I otherwise don't see how she's profited all that much off her relationship with Tom. She ...

Answered: Will Brad Pitt Leave Angelina Jolie?

This one's fair, and that's only because I am so angry at the man for publicly humiliating his wife, and I'm disgusted with her for having no shame. They're parents now - they should behave ...

Answered: Is Oprah weaker or stronger for having gained the ...

I really feel heartened by the answers I've read to this question - they restored my faith in the human spirit - finally! It took six questions to get here, but I'm happy. I am going to echo the ...

Answered: What is Amy Winehouse Afraid of?

So this is what our society does now? A person has a disease (because addiction IS a disease, after all) and we call them freaks? Anyone ever hear the term "There but for the grace of God go I?" I ...

Answered: Katie and Suri-- overexposed?

Protecting her how? From what I hear, the only way to avoid the stalkerazzi is by never leaving your house and keeping your blinds drawn. Why would anyone make a career out of following people on ...

Answered: Brady and Gisele engaged!!

Does it matter what anyone thinks? Their relationship belongs to them - why is it that celebrities have to be subjected to the opinions of everyone on the planet before they are deemed able to make ...

Answered: Miley-- future hollywood trainwreck?

"They're all sluts." Wow, Jessica, judgmental much? I don't know why women are constantly judging other women under these puritanical standards. I think that the real risk for a kid like Miley is ...

Answered: Winehouse-healthy and topless!

I think the papparrazzi should leave Amy the hell alone, but I think they should leave everyone the hell alone. The papparrazzi are the gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

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