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Hug the trees. They deserve hugs just as much as us.
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I think that if we try to work with opposing viewpoints instead of fighting them, then we may be able to finally get somewhere.

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Asked: Fish Flushing

Why is it that you're not actually supposed to flush your pet fish down the toilet?

Asked: Edward Jenner and Vaccines

I'm looking for a credible article, possibly from the NY Times, a science/medical site, or a simliar site, which has something how Edward Jenner's work with the smallpox vaccine really paved the way ...

Answered: Are addresses from incoming emails automatically ...

They are automatically saved, as are the adresses to which you send e-mails.

Answered: Can unread emails disappear before your eyes?!

If someone else is logged into your e-mail account from another computer, they could have deleted the e-mail from there.

Answered: Why is silver more popular for wedding rings?

It's the second best precious metal, gold being the first. However whith gold prices so high, many use silver instead of gold because it is less expensive.

Asked: Find the interval on whitch the expression ...

Find the interval on whitch the expression is defined:?x?2-7x-8 That’s the square root of the trinomial (x squared - 7x - 8) I am thoroughly confused- they gave us the answers, but we need to ...

Asked: In the show Mork and Mindy, where does Mindy live ...

In the show Mork and Mindy, where does Mindy live? Like what city?

Asked: Cell phone ringing endlessly

What does it mean when you call a cellphone and it rings for like a minute and a half before you just hang up? This happened this morning when I called my friend's cell. Last night, it whent ...

Asked: How would one re-write the formula for the ...

How would one re-write the formula for the volume of a cylinder as an equation that gives the height of the cylander in terms of it's radius? I've tried to rearange the formula in various ways, but ...

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