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Hug the trees. They deserve hugs just as much as us.
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I think that if we try to work with opposing viewpoints instead of fighting them, then we may be able to finally get somewhere.

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Answered: Why is silver more popular for wedding rings?

It's the second best precious metal, gold being the first. However whith gold prices so high, many use silver instead of gold because it is less expensive.

Answered: Serious relationship problems. please help

First, you should tackle the obvious problems, such as the friend who moved in and the child. Getting her to go to court should also be a priority. Once you have those smaller things out of the way ...

Answered: Are you afraid of Friday the 13th (the day, not ...

Not realy. I have bad luck every day, and on Friday the 13th it actualy isn't so bad. But today is my mom's birthday. I think the bad luck stayed away today but haunted her yesterday because she ...

Answered: I have 24,000 emails in my inbox. How do I do a ...

Many e-mails have a bar above where the e-mails are listed that has a check box at the end just like the e-mails have. If you click on it, then it "checks" all of the e-mails listed there (even if ...

Answered: What is the difference between a sheep and a ...

A sheep has a big cloud-like puff of woll but a goat just has a regular animal coat. Sheep don't make milk that we harvest (that I know of), but goats do. Goats have horns and sheep don't.

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