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Answered: Where is the saddest place on Earth?

Could Be At The South Pole, with almost no living things and with constant extreme cold weather.

Answered: Is this art or bad taste?

For requiem and dark abstract artist, that could be an art, but for regular art viewer it would be a waste for the expensive materials used. Art should be beautiful for regular art viewer to the least ...

Answered: Do you go to the theater?

Theater and plays are usually for high class society but local theater arts are a good start to appreciate the kind of entertainment. I do go to low budget theater shows and enjoy it pretty much like ...

Answered: Cognac

Or maybe you can just buy it online. :)

Answered: Where to find coupons for free?

They usually have in Google Places especially those that have listing for their businesses. Or you can try searching Google using the name of the business then coupon like "bali villa coupon" "villa ...

Answered: Should confederate generals and other high ...

The people still have the power to punish their officials for misuse of power so I theink they should have been tried.

Answered: How to connect a hot tub to geothermal heating ...

In my logical analysis, you could use some sort of water tank to store up the heated water then use a pump to run it to your residential hot tub.

Answered: How to get kids to eat their veggies?

As early as the start of eating solid food, children should be introduce to eating vegetable as a natural thing. Parents should also set as an example prefering eating vegetables. Also, current ...

Answered: How much should I spend on a Mother's Day gift?

A simple gift will do, or set up a vacation trip for your mom. It would be like her break from stress via a pampering vacation.

Answered: Terrorist Danger in Costa Del Sol in Spain due to ...

I think Bin Ladens death would more likely to impact Muslim countries that house some fanatics and terrorists under Bin Laden.




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