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Answered: Text sizes on aol 9.7

Windows operating systems have a magnifier. Learn to use it. Win. & Vista - click start - type magnifier ------------- Internet Explorer has zoom in the view tab. Not sure if it works on everything.

Answered: Password

AOL 9.7 - Sign in - at the top - keyword - type - store password - click SAVE

Answered: Lost

You didn't give your operating system, why ? -----

Answered: Pictures in emails are being displayed as X's in a ...

That happen a lot with AOl in the past. When that happened for me I opened Windows live mail to see the picture. If the sender of a picture first saves it to their documents and than selects that ...

Answered: The existing file will not open up

What do you mean (the AOL file won't open) Did you save a file to your computer and when you tried to open it said (access denied ?)

Answered: How do i get the screen bigger for me to read

You hold down on the CTRL key and roll the wheel on your mouse. When using Internet Explorer - view tab at the top you can use zoom. If you press Full Screen your Toolbar will disapear until you press ...

Answered: How to zoom out

Press the F11 key and the toolbar at the top will come back. The reason it disapeared is you also pressed Full Screen in the view tab.

Answered: Stopping XP support. I am buying a new computer ...

Anonymous Answer: Why do you need to make a CD? JUst go to the AOL dowload site and download 9.7 Why take something easy and make it difficult ...

Answered: Blocked domain

AOL 9.7 - at the left top - Mail - Block unwanted mail --- remove the address from the list and click SAVE at the bottom.

Answered: When people receive an email from me it always ...

Sign on to AOL. At the right top. Help - AOL help. Do a search for. --------- Change my email name. How do I change the From name people see in their inbox for mail from me? I didn't take time ...

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