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Answered: Which country in the world is most uneducated and ...

Some information about OECD countries can be found here (Hebrew).

Answered: Social architecture & social engineering

Auguste Comte (1798-1857) who coined the term "Sociology" saw himself as a "social engineer" and the sociology as a methodology for rational social planning. Comte believed that postivistic study ...

Answered: Js gallery scriptalicious

Wonder no more - it's Lightbox:

Answered: Ajax for beginners

Hi Kathie, There are some shortcuts suggested when dealing with Ajax, this one for example. However, in order to properly understand and use Ajax, you need to start with a little Javascript. Learning ...

Answered: What is the "southern european welfare model"?

This article might be very helpful for you.

Answered: what is post-colonialism?

The Post-colonialist theory framework mainly deals with the issue of the politics of identity, in light of the end of Colonialism. The main Post-colonial thinkers are Homi Baba, Michel Foucault and ...


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