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I love to cook, and work in my yard.i love animals, and love 40's decore.In my home it's like your back in a different era like an old bogart, or gangster movie.most people think it's awesome. turner classics is my favorite ch.i get plenty of ideas from that ch.did i mention i love to cook! and of course feed people!!I'm Italian, what can I say.

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Answered: Who cooks dinner at your house?

I cook always. I really like to so I'm kind of " stay out of the kitchen" I'm Italian, and thats the way it is for me. people kind of mess me up when they are in there to much. my hubby does the pots ...

Asked: Why do flys fly around in one area

why do flys fly around in one area

Answered: How to add fabric to the bottom of an existing ...

If your curtain is fabric then just go ahead and add some fabric of your choic if it's plastic i would just start over with a new one. Good luck.

Answered: I need help with finding a solid brown sofa?

hi, my friend found the perfect sofa, but wrong color. she wanted gray. the lady who sold it to her said she could have it recovered in the gray, and it cost under 200 dollars.

Answered: Looking for plastic easter eggs that screw ...

Hi ,i found some last year that screw together at the dollar store.

Answered: What can I do to cover walls inexpensively while ...

hi,im not sure if you what decor or what, but, i've decorated a very large wall that i once had with a beautiful scarf like thing from india, that was about 10 ft x 10 ft. it was really nice. if your ...

Answered: Why is my hair gettting shorter?

well..this is kind of hard because you don't say how much and all that, but if it is just looking like it's a very small amount, it might be due to breakage.that would be caused from not taking care ...



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"Glad to hear that you were able to have your mom tranferred to a hospital of your choosing. Hope all is well."