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Answered: The country is at the edge of a cliff

The blame lies at the worst speaker of the house in American history , John Boehner . Everybody but the brainwashed FOX viewer realizes this . Obama comes out of this looking presidential as the one ...

Asked: Tea partiers think wind power would deplete ...

Tea partiers think wind power would deplete planetary winds . Oh dear lord why are red staters so uninformed .

Answered: Involuntary insurance? Pay for others' elective ...

Recap : The red states are going to deny health coverage to their citizens . Further proving that red staters will always vote against their self interest ' cause God said so or something . It's a ...

Answered: Fast and Furious has been blown. What next?

What next ? that's easy , you move on to the next faux rightwing outrage and then vote for the party that's keeping you stupid , the GOP .

Answered: A president should be successful.

And it should be noted that rightwingers never fully explain what the president has failed at , it's because they can't make their arguments factual .

Answered: A president should be successful.

The rightwing is desperate , if only the republican party would step forward and explain their accomplishments which they have none . Love seeing the rightwingers desperately ramble on about what ...

Answered: Mitt Romney: A Candidate With a Serious Wimp ...

Slap on five more IQ points on the American people as a whole and the Republicans would be nothing more than a nasty story used to scare misbehaving children.

Commented: About Mike Dudley's answer

You must have a red state education , thus your incorrect assertions . Perhaps you're trying to be funny .

Answered: Teabagging The Country, A Liberals Dream

As a sidebar you red state citizens should thank the California tax payers , without their contributions to the federal government for your yearly government subsidies you and the rest of your fellow ...

Answered: Teabagging The Country, A Liberals Dream

California is a red state ? someone should wrest the keyboard away from you before you do any permanent damage to your below 100 IQ .

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