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Answered: What is mwt?

Maybe the product quality fee.

Answered: Is it really possible to turn a hobby or ...

It is possible.But you must work hard,insist on your hobby,don't give up.

Answered: Career Choice: Stripper or Doctor?

I think doctor is good for you ,beacause doctor is a good can earn a lot of money.

Answered: How much money do bartenders make?

common bartender can earn one thousand RMB,good bartender can earn two thousand.

Answered: What made my cat die?

Maybe It is ill.It didn't cure by the vet.So it dies.

Answered: How to stop the whining?

You can wear ear.You can't hear the whining .

Answered: How to dress in true blood fashion?

You can read some dress magazine or some dress website.

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