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Wing Chun – An Effective Method of Fighting

Are you interested in learning martial arts? There are different types of martial arts training that can be found in different parts of the world. Every method has its own rule and principles. Some of them use weapons and some of them do not allow any tool to fight. However, freehand methods are more accepted, because a person can protect any attack any time. A freehand technique is realistic method that we can apply in our practical life. This is because we do not need to wait for any weapon to combat a sudden attack. Wing Chun is one of the techniques that enable you to fight freehand.

Among various types of martial arts training, Wing Chun is one of the popular types of martial arts. People like this type of combat system for its unarmed fighting technique. What is more, it takes less time to learn compare to Shaolin. A practitioner can learn this in five years while traditional Shaolin takes 15 to 20 years to learn. Wing Chun is also known as Wing Tsun. At present, there has a wide practice of this method worldwide, especially in Asia and in the western countries.

Ng Mui Fled, who was a Shaolin grandmaster, mainly developed the Wing Tsun or Wing Chun technique in China. Ng Mui developed this system after observing a battle between a crane and a snake, and subsequently she combined her kung fu knowledge with this new technique. Later she taught this technique to her daughter, whom she adopted and named Wing Chun. The new self defense system then passed on to next generation and so on. Consequently, the system had become popular as Wing Chun name. However, modern Wing Chun had modified by Yip Man, who was a grandmaster in Hong Kong. This discipline had gained more popularity after the famous actor Bruce Lee became one of the famous practitioners of Wing Tsun or Wing Chun.

This self defense technique mainly focuses on practical and efficient use of arms and linear movements. This system does not fight force against force. It deflects attack of enemy instead of trying to stop blows. It focuses on accurate and appropriate movements. Some techniques are specially designed to hurt the most sensitive parts of opponent’s body like eyes, groin, lower torso and throat. Even some techniques are fatal. However, this efficient system focuses on the use of two arms. When one arm is used to defend another arm is used to hit the foe.

Though Wing Chun is a freehand method to fight, it may include tool as part of the course. Advanced Wing Tsun training involves Butterfly sword and Dragon Pole as weapon. In martial arts classes, wooden dummies are used that works as human opponent. They are allowed in martial arts lessons to make a practitioner perfect in footwork, position and angle. However, martial arts lessons are specially designed to prepare a learner expert in defending any type of strike and attack the opponent efficiently. In martial arts classes, wide practice arranged regularly that include fighting among the learners.

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