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Now that the American citizens have seen what a pack of lies Obama had spouted during his election, it is time that we declaw him by taking away his Democratic majority starting November- 2010.
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I used to be known as GWObama. I changed my name to freedomlover because that's what I am. Originally signed on to Yedda on May 19, 2009 as GWObama.

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Commented: About Kathy's answer

Not only is the economy doing better, but George Bush is not responsible for it doing better. Obama is responsible for all that is good and sacred. Bush was the devil incarnate. Obama is the savior ...

Commented: About Kathy's answer

Yechiel, I love the post about the wild pigs. Great post. Thanks

Commented: About Kathy's answer

dfrogpong, you are such a bore! You need to go back under the rock you crawled out from under. Have you ever noticed how you don't have any friends on this website? If you had any friends on here they ...

Commented: About Kathy's answer

Very good post Kathy. I wasn't aware of the US high corporate tax rate. I have never seen any leader who so despises the country which he was put in charge of as our present administration ...

Commented: About Kathy's answer

Kathy, you know you are dealing with a moron. What can you expect? Have you ever seen or heard a Liberal Democrat, Kool-Aid drinking fool carry on an intelligent conversation? They are beyond help ...

Commented: About freedomlover's answer

Well one of Obama's biggest handouts that they are trying to push upon the American people is finally being heard by the Supreme Court. It sounds like today's hearings didn't go Obama's way. From what ...

Answered: Assessing the President

@the bruce. You are so right. The President is doing a fine job of messing up our country and changing it into a third world country. We have too much of the world's wealth and it needs to be re ...

Commented: About Kathy's answer

These comments that Obama made to the Russian dignitary when he thought the microphone was turned off should surprise no one. It seems once again he is saying to this country's enemies not to worry ...

Commented: About Kathy's answer

In other words the government wants to own us lock, stock and barrel as they say. They already have said the average American is too stupid to do anything for his or her self without government ...

Commented: About the bruce's answer

The President is doing a fine job? I don't think so. Just ask all the unemployed people who have been dropped from the unemployment registry. Just ask people spending sixty to one hundred plus dollars ...



Tweekey says:
"thank you for posting free thought and wisdom "
~American~~Patriot~ says:
"Happy Saint Patty's day"
ddavel544 says:
"Thanks, Freedomlover (great name)...anyone Sweet Gypsey likes...I like!"
Morgan says:
"Appears we have several Real Men in our midst et thou art one. Enjoy your blogs keep up the good stuff. Lady Darko Eugenie'"
Kathy says:
"Thank you. He is my hero. We just have learned to pray and deal with it on a day to day basis"
Captain Ron says:
"Thank you freedomlover for backing me up. Can't believe the mentality here sometimes. Multiple-name posters accusing us of being the same person! HA! You and others, especially Captain Conservative, save me a lot of time trying to get these idiots to see the light of day. Good posts. I do believe and I do hope that come November, our elephant is really going to kick their ASS! Thanks again!"
IamQweenBee says:
"Happy Mothers Day"
Sasha says:
""freedomlover, I had looked at your compliment the last time I had been on the site. I don't get on that often and did not want to take it till I had the time to say thank you very much for the kind words, and will most likely will agree on most, I have that feeling" Sasha"
lawbug says:
"Keep up the good work as you make a very good point. Keep then comming."
AnyaGarcia says:
"Hi freedomlover... I just wanted to use this new compliments box to let you know that I think your answers are really intelligent, and I enjoy seeing your yedda activity. "
Corrine says:
"Thanks freedom lover you are very kind I havent read many of your posts however but I hope to read many in the future okay... :) "
DB Lady says:
"Freedomlover, Thank you for changing your name. You are too precious to retain GWObama name. Keep being a freedom lover American. Let's unite to get the present administration out of office."
congress watcher says:
"Thank you Freedomlover and a special thanks for standing with those of us that love our country and the American people."
~American~~Patriot~ says:
"freedomlover America First Thank you for youe support"
A Brown says:
"freedomlover, welcome . I love your new name and you know I wasn't fond of the other one. I will probably be more responsive to your words now than before. Good going."
Nanadee says:
"Hi ya freedomlover...So much better...Thrills me to my toes.Lol...That's what you are ...A lover of freedom....Thank you for all your posts, comments, and answers....You are good person that we all love...God bless always and keep speaking the truth.....Dee"
Dawg says:
"Thanks Freedom! You are a great American as well!"
AShoofly says:
"Your true justice for Americans. Keep fighting for us. We'll win for Old Glory."
Nanadee says:
"You should see the big smile on my face sweetie....I said aw and smiled....Thank you and that name fits you very well the way you fight for our freedom and love what you are doing...God bless you my friend....I took your advice and don't know if you noticed i'm back....You know that saying " you cant keep a good man down" but i am a lady and we can be be mean dogs too....Dee"
richard says:
"you are just the one to have such a batch of good comments in the form of high intelect ready and able to speak with meaning with swift justice/Enjoy!"
~Sweet Gypsey~ says:
" GW/freedomlover, So glad that things are back to normal again and you can breath easy again. Gpysey"
~Sweet Gypsey~ says:
"" freedomlover" aka "GW" 'I think that you are one of the best posters that Yedda has I don't remember if I sent you a note or not, but if I did just disregard this one. But you are a great poster. Sweet Gypsey" "
finabiscotti says:
""Freedomlover" is our "GWOBAMA" in our hearts - until Y gets their glitches straight. GWObama came out fighting as a freedom lover from the very beginning. The American Flag proves it."