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haven't invented anything, but i sure have made a lot of things better
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Commented: About Skitch's answer

hello Skitch: i've shown your answer to my (hope you don't mind)because not only does it lesa in her struggles, it is good therapty for me and mine. yes Skitch this monster has reared it's ugly head ...

Answered: What is average cost of installing hot water ...

$50.- $100. with you suppling all replacement parts.

Answered: How to find out where a person is through their ...

thats a routine usually for the police or other law enforcement agencies. but you can find out after going throu tons of red tape, simply by contacting the cell phone carrier, they can tell you when ...

Answered: Are you still in the mood to shop?

no i am not in the shopping mood, there will be no more shopping by me and i will try to convince my wife to do the same.

Commented: About ~Jada~'s answer

never to old to learn something, i thought you got shingles from home depot or menards.

Answered: Where is Drew Bledsoe living now?

Drew Bledsoe is a winemaker in Walla Walla, Washington.

Answered: What happened to people

yes, the world is moving to fast, people are so greedy if you don't keep up or are already stable in life you will be squashed. remember when neighbors would invite each other to dinner, not anymore ...

Commented: About shorty one's answer

now it makes sense and yes you were done an injustice by being given a ticket and nothing for the other driver.

Commented: About Ol' Yeddar's answer

hey OL' Yeddar------are you still reeling over those nice compliments you got from the ladies for shopping at the Goodwill? read our friends question again, and think about it for a second i ...

Answered: Impeding traffic ticket

something is wrong here and i don't mean with your ticket--- how could you get hit in the rear LEFT quarter panel if this accident happened the way you say you should have been hit in the rear RIGHT ...


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