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Answered: I have not been able to find out who late father's ...

Try calling the American Bar Association or the National Bar Association. Maybe they can help.

Commented: About Bertha's answer

Columbia and Harvard will not release them to you. Email the President at

Answered: : Ayers family put 'foreigner' Obama through ...

Your statements regarding the president of the u.S., BARACK OBAMA, ARE LIES. The ayers family had zero to do with barack obama's education.

Answered: The Mystery Of Barack Obama Continues

Just continued very old B.S. and very old right wing propaganda regarding the President of the U.S., Barack Obama.

Answered: Why am I imaginary?

Prove that God is real, Grams. Thanx.

Answered: Why am I imaginary?

Freedom of Religion. and Freedom not to believe. That is America. Don't change it.

Answered: What is Obama's connection To Jihad? http://www ...

Gramma: Obama is trying to prevent jihad attacks in the U.S. He has done an excellent job.

Answered: What Is Sharia Law and Why Should You Care ...

Gramma still posts her propaganda. Very sad.

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