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Asked: What is your twitter page address if you want to ...

How do you tell someone your page on LinkedIn and twitter? Is your page address ? Is LinkedIn ? or is it or http:linkedin ...

Asked: Are bbqs safe on wooden decks?

Is it safe to have a Weber gas barbeque on a wooden deck at the back of your house?

Asked: Is there such a word as "publics"?

The word populace, public, population and people all describe...well, people. How do you differentiate the pluralization of each of them?

Asked: Have you been a victim of this telephone ploy?

Have you heard of this situation that my mother successfully deflected? Seniors are getting calls from someone who says "Hello, Grandma?" or "Grandpa?". Since most people will say: Hello (name of ...

Asked: Is there a father in your life?

Are you celebrating Fathers' Day?

Asked: How do you make a smoothie?

Do you need a blender to make a smoothie or would a hand-held blender do?

Asked: Do you watch baseball?

How many times have you seen a grand slam?

Asked: Do you go to summer theater?

Do you go to summer theater festivals or to open-air theater in the park on summer evenings, under the stars?



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"Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Nicki... Your answers are well thought out and you are a very nice addition to Yedda aka Aol Answers. See ya posting.... ~Jada~ 2010"
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