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I like books, politics, communication, language, history, and more.

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Answered: Your view about "Three Cups of Tea"?

I am disappointed to read about the controversy, started by the 60 Minutes investigation, and contributed to by Jon Krakauer about the validity of Greg Mortenson's writings. I read the book and felt ...

Commented: About Caitybug's answer

Thanks Caitybug, it's a good word.

Asked: What adjectives can you use with "routine"?

I'm writing a letter about how important it is to have a good routine. I'm trying to say "if you have a ____ routine, then your day will be smoother". But what are other adjectives for routine?

Answered: Would you buy a "smart" fridge?

I wouldn't. I pride myself on my organizing and shopping skills. It also seems to be another possible electronic device that could go wrong.

Answered: Where can I get my ears pierced near Peabody, MA

Have you gone into the nearest large mall? Nowadays, many girls get their ears pierced at a store in the mall where they have sterile methods for piercing. If I didn't know a particular place, that's ...

Answered: Kids brains to an over use.....

I would think that they would grow intellectually. They learn at such a fast rate and can absorb so much. The more they use their brains, the more they will know and then they will be able to build on ...

Answered: Need to go to and not the ...

I'm not sure which company or section of their company you're trying to reach, but this might be the business you're looking for and if so, you might contact them through If I'm on ...

Answered: I have a 10 year golden retriever that is at ...

I can only say I hope they are able to find and fix the problem and that your pet comes home. You sound so worried. Best of luck.

Commented: About Grace's answer

Are you two really sister and brother? because you called Grace "Sis"!If so, that's really nice.

Answered: YES! - Your Essential Shopper Sunday Paper - How ...

I think this is what you are looking for but it may not be available in your area. There's another one at this website but it may not be ...



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