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Answered: Where to find fabric.

The Washington Redskins team store has ladies' items (they say). I would write to them or phone them , because if anyone knows where to find their fabric, they should.

Answered: I am getting my widsom teeth removed and im ...

My three daughters had all four removed by an oral surgeon. The procedure itself was remarkably quick. The after care had to be followed meticulously: rinsing the mouth and using a syringe to clean ...

Answered: What don't men understand about women?

I think a lot of men do understand women. Especially men who have grown up with sisters, or who have strong mothers or grandmothers. In this age, when information is available on the Internet, and ...

Answered: A True American and an Asset to Delta

Did you try to contact the company directly and praise the pilot to them? They have a comment page on their website. You might want to get in touch with Delta and let them know about your wonderful ...

Answered: My homemade pizza crust seem to be moist in the ...

Do you put oil on the crust (not a lot-a teaspoon or two) before you put on the tomato sauce? One of my recipes calls for that and the crust is always crisper. Or it could be that you don't bake it ...

Answered: How do i say to someone that's getting married

You say "I'm very happy for you", "I hope you'll be very happy together", "you make a wonderful couple", and "best of luck in the future"! and mean it.

Answered: If you had one night to party with any celebrities ...

I'd pick John Lennon, because the conversations would be deep or inane, and I would just like to talk to him.

Answered: Owners Manual

If you go to the Kia website , there is a section for owners. You must register your Kia online with a program called "My Kia" (MYKia). You can view or download vehicle owners' manuals and other tools ...

Answered: How to reach Clairol Hair company with a ...

To reach the Clairol Expert Color Consultants , phone 1(800)252-4765.

Answered: How can I apologize to my girlfriend after hurting ...

Be honest and sincere. Do you feel you were wrong? Do you see why you are apologizing? If so, explain that you understand what you did to hurt her. Explain why you should not have done/said what you ...



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