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Answered: Does any one have a vz-24-47 bolt assembly for ...

This isn't the right place to look, Arthur. I'd try at (Numrich Arms) or Brownells first. You might also find something on one of the larger firearm seller blogs, ...

Answered: Oil dipstick heater

Yes, you can, as long as you remember to unplug the heater's power cord before you use your car.

Answered: When did obama get elected as president?

First elected in 2008. Re-elected in 2012.

Answered: On a winchester 22 rifle model 63 what does the ...

It indicates that was the 309th production model of that (Model 63) rifle.

Answered: How many square feet in an acre

There are 43,560 square feet per acre.

Asked: If It Matters to Anyone, The Latest Poop-Porn is ...

Answered: Wombat?

A wombat is a small marsupial mammal native to southeastern Australia and the island of Tasmania. They dig tunnels somewhat similar to a badger, and look a little bit like a silver-gray ground hog.

Answered: Why would a psychiatrist tell me not to tell the ...

Empirical data is usually the best. Try asking the psychiatrist this question.

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