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Answered: What do kids have now, that kids in the 1930's did ...

Cell phones. Internet. Television. About three million other things.

Answered: Why did Melanie and Antonio split?

The split was caused by a personality conflict.

Answered: What is a back troller boat?

It's a small fishing boat set up to troll stern first. Running the boat stern first allows the fisherman to troll more slowly.

Answered: How to fix peeling sheetrock?

If you mean that the paper facing is peeling away from the core, there is no real good way to fix it. Your best course of action is to cut out the area that's peeling, determine why it peeled, then ...

Answered: Why hasn't she filed for divorce?

Either she doesn't want a divorce, or can't afford a divorce lawyer. Although, it IS possible she isn't married.

Answered: How to worm dogs naturally?

You just naturally head over to a vet's office with a feces sample and get the right worming medicine to kill off the worms. Canines eat coarse grass to help scrub out worms, but it's not a cure by ...

Answered: What spinner reel use a 20 lbs test line?

My personal choice is a Shimano Spirex. I like the rear drag best, it's easier to adjust with a fish on. Their medium priced reels last a long time, function smoothly, and will easily handle any ...

Answered: What does it mean when a horse is called a colt?

It means a male horse under five years of age. After that, a male horse is called a stallion unless it has been castrated. A castrated horse is called a gelding.

Answered: What does lindas name mean?

There are two schools of thought as to how "Linda" became a name. One school claims it is of Germanic origin and means soft and/or tender. The other school claims it is Latin in origin and means ...

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