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Asked: If It Matters to Anyone, The Latest Poop-Porn is ...

Answered: Wombat?

A wombat is a small marsupial mammal native to southeastern Australia and the island of Tasmania. They dig tunnels somewhat similar to a badger, and look a little bit like a silver-gray ground hog.

Answered: Why would a psychiatrist tell me not to tell the ...

Empirical data is usually the best. Try asking the psychiatrist this question.

Answered: Evolution head gaskets

Pete, I think the first thing to check next time you have to change gaskets is to get the heads checked to make sure they aren't warped enough to cause your problem. At the same time, check the ...

Answered: 2012 mercedes 5d

The only answer to this question is ''NO''

Answered: Whats a good rifle to use to hunt coyote's

Alliyah, if you're interested in an answer, rather than making a knee-jerk statement with your question, try looking into predator control. It has to do with predators (such as coyotes) attacking and ...

Answered: What do you think about anti-government protests ...

The latest from Ukraine: the people who were protesting likely were successful in getting rid of a leader who was determined to lead them back into close ties with Russia. ---- Kiev (AFP) - A new ...

Answered: What do you think about anti-government protests ...

It looks as though the protests forced a deal between the sitting Ukraine government and the protesters. A lot of people died to get that deal. It remains to be seen if the sacrifice was ...

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