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Answered: What was Redford's best movie?

My pick is ''Jeremiah Johnson'' for a movie he was billed as the lead performer. He co-starred with Paul Newman in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid'', my pick for a co-star role for him.

Answered: What foods should i not eat if i want to keep mt ...

Organ meats (Kidneys, liver, brain) and dairy products such as cream, butter, ice cream, whole milk, cream cheese. Egg yolks are supposed to be high cholesterol. Ducks and geese are considered high ...

Answered: How many books did Hemingway write?

He had 21 books and several collections of short stories that were published. The two I liked best were "For Whom the Bell Tolls" and "Death in the Afternoon".

Answered: How far is it to Padre Island?

From the end of my driveway to the town of South Padre Island is 1,702.7 miles.

Answered: Who was in jack reacher?

Tom Cruise and Rosamund Pike. We can probably assume Cruise played the part of Jack Reacher. If you want a list of all the cast and crew, you can get it from

Answered: Who sells pre bent factory replacement brake lines ...

If you absolutely have to have pre-bent ones, go to a Ford Dealership. They're probably the only source.

Answered: Communism

Short answer is real communists believe that all people should have very few, or better yet, no private property or possessions. Since I've never seen a truly communist country or group, I probably ...

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