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Answered: A compnay wants to pay me to translate poor ...

Larry, most of these money making schemes make money for a scammer somewhere, not for you. If you want to check into this further, try this test. If they ask for money for a ''sign-up fee'' or ...

Answered: How are Americans and Sioux similar?

They all have two arms, two legs, one head, and two hands, at least when they start life. Most live on one of the America continents. Both are members of the human race.

Answered: Ca

That's the abbreviation for the state of California.

Answered: How old is my marlin 30-30?

Use this site-- find the answer. Best of luck

Answered: Where was jerry Leah Lewis born?

Ferriday, Louisiana. born on Sept. 29, 1935

Answered: When good people give up their guns only bad guys ...

Meaning, in a life threatening situation, local law enforcement is only a few minutes away when you have a few seconds left to defend yourself.

Answered: What happened to Che Guevara?

He was killed in Bolivia, near a small town named Vallegrande, on Oct 9, 1967, in a battle between revolutionaries and the Bolivian military.

Answered: Remington 7600 10 Round Magazine Short Action 308 ...

Have you tried the Remington company office yet? I can't say for sure if they make higher capacity magazines, but it's a good place to start. Next, try Brownell' ...

Answered: What bands only had 3 members?

The Kingston Trio, just for one. Peter, Paul, and Mary, for another. Any band or musical group that has ''Trio'' in their name is almost always a 3 member group.

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