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Answered: lodging near petenwell flowage WI

Yes, there is lodging near the Petenwell Flowage.

Answered: What is a bow of a speedboat?

The bow of any boat is the front. From on line dictionary. ''the front of a ship or boat. The waves broke over the bows''

Answered: Can you wait 10 years for colonoscopy?

I could easily wait forever for another colonoscopy. However, it's a better plan to follow the directions of your physician about that. Colon cancer appears to me to be a slow, painful way to die.

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A very rare Toothed Catfish, found only in rivers in Antarctica

Answered: What is catfish or fillet?

A catfish is pictured below. There are a number of different variants, from black bullhead to Mekong catfish (largest known). A fillet is '' a strip or compact piece of boneless meat or fish ...

Answered: What type of doctor do I need if I have a hernia?

The usual procedure is to see your family doctor, who will then refer you to a surgeon who does hernia ''patch'' operations.

Answered: What are organ meats called?

Avian organ meats are often called giblets. From animals, they're sometimes called lights, or liver and lights.

Answered: Where can I find information on Mataan Death March ...

If you are looking for info on the Bataan Death March during World War ll, just type in ''bataan death march prisoners'' on any search engine. i.e. Yahoo, Google, etc

Answered: How old is nancy polinsky?

If you mean Nancy Pelosi, she's 74 years old.

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