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Answered: Where does the 1956 Los Angeles Angels team rank ...

If you're talking about Major League Baseball teams, they don't rank at all, because 1961 was their first year.

Asked: Merry Christmas to All

Happy New Year, too.

Answered: Fox News channel

I got this two or three days ago:=========there is an email address to send a message to Dish. IMHO, that's the best place to register any input you have. Best of luck.========================= ...

Answered: Where did the fox channels?

I got this about two or three days ago:============== Dear Valued DISH Network Customer, Thank you for your recent communication regarding your channel. We regret that FOX Networks, the owner of ...

Answered: Who can't buy guns in penna?

There are both federal and state laws, and very possibly local area laws, i.e. county or city, you need to know about. Your best bet is to contact a federal and state licensed firearms dealer in the ...

Answered: What is fedral poverty for a family of 3 people?

For the year 2014, it's $19,790 for a family of three. It will change in 2015, probably it will go up near, or possibly a little over $20,000.

Answered: How long can some one not from florida stay in ...

If you're a U S citizen, you can stay there as long as you can afford it. As a non-resident, it's unlikely you would be eligible for many of the state funded programs available to residents. If you ...

Answered: Why was erie canal built?

The Erie Canal allowed boat traffic, mostly small barges and some passenger boats, from Lake Erie (Buffalo, N.Y.) to Albany N.Y. on the navigable portion of the Hudson River, to the Atlantic Ocean and ...

Answered: Can you shoot a 12ga buckshot rd in a shotgun ...

You can buy 2 3/4 inch 12ga buckshot loads. That's what to use if you want a buckshot load. You most definitely do NOT want to use a 3 inch buckshot round in a shotgun chambered for 2 3/4 inch ...

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