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Answered: Where is "Little Switzerland" in Wisconsin?

There's a ski hill near Slinger, Wi. named Little Switzerland. The town of New Glarus, Wi is advertised as ''America's Little Switzerland''

Answered: How olong id four score and seven years?

The numerical designation ''score'' = 20. 4 score = 4 X 20 = 80. 80 + 7 = 87

Answered: How to find a harley davidson?

I'd start by looking for a local dealer in the Yellow Pages of your telephone directory. That's if you're a resident of the U S A. Then, you could also check the classified ads in your local ...

Answered: Who wrote the outcasts of poker flat?

Bret Harte (full name was Francis Bret Harte)

Answered: What is the difference between copd and ...

COPD is an acronym for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It's usually a combination of two or more lung problems, often bronchitis and emphysema or asthma and emphysema. Emphysema is one single ...

Answered: Who was the most americans kill in any war?

An estimated 450,000 K.I.A. combat deaths alone in the U S Civil War. (1861-1865)

Answered: How old is Lelly Ripa?

If you mean Kelly Ripa, she's 44.

Answered: What do they call raspberry stems?

The whole plant is usually called a ''bush''. The stem is usually called a ''cane''. Occasionally, they're called ''sticker bushes'' or ''brambles'' or ''briars''.

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