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Answered: What are the three great American parties?

1) New Years Eve Parties 2) Wedding Parties 3) Tailgate Parties

Answered: Who was the president during Ollie North's trial?

His trial began in 1988, when Ronald Reagan was U S President. It ended with his conviction on three counts on May 4, 1989, when George H. W. Bush was U S President. The three convictions were ...

Answered: What to do with a torn ligimate foot?

You have a couple of choices. 1) You can see a surgeon and have it repaired. 2) You can ignore it and it will continue to get worse and more painful. THEN, you get to go see a surgeon. (And spend ...

Answered: What is $1800.00 canadian in us dollars?

As of 8 A.M. on Jan 8, 2015 it was worth 1,521.38 U S Dollars. There is also a fee for currency exchange at most banks, the fee varies, so just keep in mind the amount you receive back from a bank ...

Answered: What is the meaning of "second shrift"?

Dictionary definition for ''Shrift''=========== 1. the imposition of penance by a priest on a penitent after confession. 2. absolution or remission of sins granted after confession and ...

Answered: Who takes over as president of the united if he ...

The Vice-President (Joe Biden) is next in line. then= 2 Speaker of the House John Boehner (R) 3 President pro tempore of the Senate Orrin Hatch (R) 4 Secretary of State John Kerry (D) 5 ...

Answered: I am not happy with the Match site as they ...

Sorry, Ann, you've somehow logged into AOL Answers. We can't do anything about Match here. Try calling- 1-800-926-2824, or email Match at Best of luck to ...

Answered: What will rub out the faded foggeg head lights?

You can get a kit from most auto parts stores, and probably Wal-Mart, to do that for less than $20.00

Answered: Which was first successfully created trivial ...

It may well have been ''Politics, Washington, D.C.''

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