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Answered: Who wrote the song, I hate to see that evening sun ...

"I hate to see that evening sun go down" is a line from a song named ''Blues in the Night'', written by Harold Arlen and performed by dozens of singers and bands from the Big Band era, up until now ...

Answered: Do thay still make mucinex md?

If you're asking about Mucinex DM, it's still available at just about any pharmacy worth the name, at least in the U S A.

Answered: How do dingos stay warm?

They live in a relatively warm climate. They wear fur coats.

Answered: How voter id laws affect the elderly?

Did you mean elderly U S citizens or elderly Illegal aliens?

Answered: Who was vice president of the US in 1924?

The office was vacant through all of 1924. On August 2, 1923, Calvin Coolidge vacated the position to become President, due to the death of Warren G. Harding leaving the office of U S President ...

Answered: How did king richard the lion heart die?

He died of infection in a wound he received while directing the siege of a castle near Limoges, in what is now the country of France. Died April 6, 1199.

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