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Commented: About OronD's answer

There seems to be a lot of false information on the Internet these days. I thought I remembered just what you have posted there. Then, I consulted an Internet conversion table. Look at this ...

Answered: How do you corn a ham?

If I'm reading this question right, you want to take a ham and try to make it into something like corned beef? It can't be done. A ham is cured by soaking it in brine, plus, so I've heard, pressure ...

Answered: Where to buy blackwanuts shelled?

It's just possible you might find them at a large grocery store, or possibly a specialty store like Whole Foods Co-Op. You can buy them on-line from Amazon, or possibly direct from the supplier ...

Answered: How to install scope on over/under shotgun?

I use a clamp on mount that clamps directly to the rib on the top of the upper barrel. It's made by Tasco. See your local gunsmith or sporting goods dealer for more ...

Answered: Who do i call to get boehner removed as house ...

If there were such a person, I,m sure someone from the Opposition Party would have been burning up the phone lines already.

Answered: What to do about a dog with animal agression?

If it's your dog, an electronic training collar is what most professional trainers use. They're a bit pricey, but effective in eliminating or at least suppressing unwanted behavioral traits. If a ...

Answered: How to make gumbo without fish?

You can go to and get dozens of recipes for gumbo. Shrimp is often used instead of fish. Here's one I found there for chicken & sausage gumbo.------------------------ Makes ...

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