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Answered: How did January get it's name?

It was named after Janus, a Greek god from ancient Greek mythology. Probably because Janus is the god of portals (doorways and gates), and beginnings, among other things. It seems plausible to look ...

Answered: Should you mix noodles and potato in the same ...

No reason why you can't, unless you're concerned about too much starch or carbohydrates. I've eaten lots of vegetable soup with noodles added. One that I really like is minestrone, it often has both ...

Commented: About Lane's answer

Rocky Boots is a company that specializes in boots mostly for hunting and outdoor recreation, although they do offer work boots and western boots as well. They do make boots for women as well as men ...

Answered: Womens Rocky Boots

the website for Rocky Boots is You can order boots directly from their site, or try a large chain sporting goods store like Gander Mountain. Best of luck.

Answered: Pardoned Turkeys

Thanks Bones, that's pretty cool info, and, Happy Thanksgiving.

Answered: How to handle your 47 yr.old twice divorced son ...

At 47, it's no longer up to you to choose the person your son is going to date. At the very most, you could tell him something like ''be sure this person you're seeing is the right one for you'', or ...

Answered: Which movies that makes Harrison Ford mean?

He was fairly mean in ''Bladerunner''. He also played a murderer in a movie called ''What Lies Beneath''. That's pretty mean, also. Then , he was captain of a German U-boat in ''K-19''. Kinda ...

Answered: Wilson is a killer of children--period! I don ...

Greatbear, when did Wilson ever kill any children? If you are talking about Michael Brown, he was not a child. See Amendment 26 of the U S Constitution. There have been many court cases to verify ...

Commented: About Balrog's answer

Thanks. Got my eyes crossed again.

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