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Answered: What is your billy joel theme song?

Mine is "The Piano Man" Great lyrics.

Answered: What is rookits is it a safe program what does it ...

A rootkit is almost always malware (bad for your computer and maybe your bank account). Here's what Wiki has to offer as an explanation. " A rootkit is a stealthy type of software, typically ...

Answered: What nationality is the new miss usa?

She's an American (USA) national. She couldn't qualify for the pageant if she was not.

Answered: Can cantaloupe be mixed corn plants?

If you mean can corn and cantaloupe be planted as companions in the same area, yes, they can. Both require a lot of nutrients, tho, so be sure to have plenty of fertilizer available.

Answered: Where is the fhqarh university?

It's located in the state of Jabberwocky, city of Momrath.

Answered: Where can i buy boric acid powder or liquid?

A pharmacy probably has it, can get it for you, or tell you where to get it.

Answered: What can i use to clean wood that is filthy ...

If the wood is unfinished, (raw wood) you can remove much, if not all, of the grease with paint thinner. You will need to do this in a well ventilated area, say, your garage with the door open. That ...

Answered: Where are the pins at?

Did you check your pin cushion?

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