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Answered: Where is a painted house by john grisham?

You can buy it online at Amazon, as an ebook, paperback, or hardcover. Your local library may have a copy or two you could borrow. It was written several years ago, so if there's a used book seller ...

Answered: How much d size thread is needed to wind 5 fishing ...

The smallest amount I could find is a 100 yard spool. I know for a fact that will do the guides on several rods. You can order online from Jann's Netcraft.

Answered: What are people called pushing religion?

They're called quite a number of epithets. The sincere ones are often referred to as evangelists, sometimes missionaries.

Answered: Can you fire ruger speed six 9mm without clips?

Yes, it can be done. It is very difficult to chamber a round (hand feed) into the pistol without a clip, however.

Answered: How do you make a bet for the triple crown race?

There are nearly one gigazillion offtrack bookies in the U S A. Contact any one of them to find out. Try this site for at-the-track betting. Good luck. ...

Answered: Life in Montana

It seems logical that most of them are relatively satisfied with Montana as their home state or they'd live somewhere else they found to be more satisfactory.

Answered: Had it with these gun-fanatics? They're ...

I'm a lot more fed up with people (like Greatbore, for instance) who want to bypass the U S Constitution. The Second Amendment, to be more precise.

Answered: What do the initials LTJG USN MEAN?

Lieutenant (junior grade) United States Navy.

Answered: How to migrate to mourishes?

Are you referring to Mauritius? Contact the govt directly

Answered: What is the minimum size saw blade for 10" ridgid ...

The blade has to have a diameter large enough so that the teeth on the blade will be far enough above the table to cut through the stock you are using. The blade must be rated for the RPM of the saw ...

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