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Answered: I have a lot of remington 12 g shells that take ...

Mike, more info is needed. Your best bet is to go to the store where you buy your reloading supplies and ask there. The type of wad needed is going to vary according to the brand and type of powder ...

Answered: How many sue grafton books left?

Then she could start over with something like "AA is for AARDVARK"

Answered: How to free a seized taco circulator pump?

Once the pump seizes, it's scrap. Replace the pump. Here's why. First, the bearing surface on the armature has to be mirror smooth. The pump almost always seizes because the bearing and the ...

Answered: What is an automatic electric 6 cup rice cooker ...

Just for a guess, it's probably good for making up to 6 cups of cooked rice. You might want to think about reading (if you can) the instructions to make sure, though.

Answered: What is the worth of

If it really is an original painting byC. M. Russell, it is very valuable. Some other works by Russell were auctioned off about 2 months ago. The lowest price of any of these works was more than a ...

Answered: How many gallons of water in 25,000 cubic feet?

One gallon of water is the equivalent of 7.48 gallons (rounded off to the nearest 1/100 gallon). So, if you use the calculator on your computer to multiply 7.48 by 25,000 you'll have the answer. The ...

Answered: How to make bath taxi?

Buy a "Bathtub Porsche" and register it as a taxi. see comment

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