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Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Whatever. I listened to that kind of thing as a kid. It wasn't a big hit with me then. (or now) I posted that answer as a joke, more than anything else.

Commented: About LadyDarko E.'s answer

Hi, Lady. Nice to see you posting again. Happy New Year.

Commented: About Ol' Yeddar's answer

Maybe I could nail that Smarta$$ Redd with a couple??

Commented: About Ol' Yeddar's answer

That was Redd. I haven't seen him get fired up like that since somebody asked about poached fish. I didn't get time to tell him about poached fish being cooked like poached eggs, so he got pinched ...

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biny789 says:
"I am very glad that you are on AOLanwers because you have helped me before with something that need to be known soon, after I asked the question. That makes you awesome on my list. Also, I agree with Njoy."
n says:
"Balrog, I like your very intelligent answers. Welcome to AOLanswers. I hope you stay with us for a very long time."