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Answered: How rare are is the J.C HIGGINS mod.#50 cal.30-06 ...

I can't find any info as to the exact number of rifles designated as a Higgins mod 50. I suspect that's because they were made by Fabrique Nationale in Belgium. Here is a description of one that ...

Answered: What do northerns in america eat on new years?

They start off with breakfast, then, between noon and 2 P.M. they eat lunch, then around 6 P.M. give or take an hour or so, they eat supper, or possibly they go to a formal dinner somewhere.

Answered: Who is spouse of Bill De Fazio NYC Mayor?

Assuming you're asking about Bill de Blasio, his wifes name is Chirlane Mccray.

Answered: How old is mike huckabee and joe biden?

Mike Huckabee, born August 24, 1955 (age 59). Joe Biden, born November 20, 1942 (age 72).

Answered: Land Line Service

Try contacting Centurylink here. Your best bet is to wait until Monday morning.

Answered: How heavy fly line on fly reel?

Fly rods are rated with a number that indicates what the ''spine'' (flexibility) of the rod is. The smaller the number, the more flexible and limber, basically. Fly lines are also numbered so the ...

Answered: Who is the alabama senator ?

All states have two senators. Richard Shelby and Jeffrey Sessions are the current ones.

Answered: Which american vice president killed a man while ...

Aaron Burr. Third U S Vice-President, served from 1801-1805. He killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel on July 11, 1804.

Answered: Generac and snow

You might want to try a small fabric structure. It looks like a very sturdy tent made from galvanized steel tubing and heavy waterproof tarp material. You can get various sizes. You could get one ...

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