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Answered: What is the best way to get rid of soap scum in ...

Use a spray on soap scum remover and a brush with soft plastic bristles. Spray on the remover liquid, let it stand for a couple of minutes, brush thoroughly with the brush, and rinse it off with cold ...

Answered: How do you know if its a tick

Ticks, assuming you mean a live critter, have eight legs. They're arachnids, as are spiders. Ticks crawl, spiders run. ticks have fairly short legs in relation to body size, spiders have quite long ...

Answered: Who has spied on me?

The list of who hasn't spied on you would be a lot shorter.

Answered: What's wrong with Linda Ronstadt?

She's going to be 68 years old in about 4 months. That carries its own problems.

Answered: M1 carbine-my M1 double fires with one trigger ...

The two most common causes I can think of are: 1) Your rifle needs a thorough cleaning. Burnt powder residue and old lubricant combined with dust will build up over time and cause your trouble. 2 ...

Answered: Calische, what is it?

Caliche, maybe? Its a soil/surface deposit consisting of sand or clay impregnated with crystalline salts such as calcium carbonate, sodium nitrate and/or sodium chloride. It's mostly found in ...

Answered: Why does granola cause such a volcanic eruption in ...

Lactose intolerance will cause these symptoms. If you're eating the granola as a cereal with milk on it, that might be your problem. If you're eating granola bars, read the contents label to see if ...

Answered: Who is the leader of the new world order

Judging by the flow of current events, it might well be Vladimir Putin.

Answered: Where is mauritania located?

It's located on the West Coast of the African continent. See comment for map

Answered: How far is palm beach airport from okeechobee ...

According to Mapquest, it's a bit over 64 miles.

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