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Answered: How can republicans state that the truth is more ...

In the case of ALL Mainstream Media, there is the First Amendment to the U S Constitution which protects them.

Answered: Where to aim a telescope?

For best results, aim it at what you want a closer view of.

Answered: Can a felon have guns?

Legally, usually they can't. It's a very remote possibility a felon could successfully apply directly to the ATF for an exemption. ATF granting an exemption is about as likely as a snowball fight in ...

Answered: How long doeos the World Series last?

The World Series is a best-of-seven event. The first team to win four games is the champ. The minimum, I believe, would be five days. Two games (one per day) played at one stadium, a travel day to ...

Answered: How old is the 12 gauge 3.5" magnum?

It was introduced in 1988, Mossberg made the first shotgun with 3 1/2 inch chambers, Federal made the first shells to fit it. Short answer is about 26 years.

Answered: How old is the disease ebola?

Ebola is caused by infection with a virus of the family filoviridae, genus Ebolavirus. There are five identified Ebola virus species, four of which are known to cause disease in humans: Ebola virus ...

Answered: What if you have a dream about a mule, what does ...

It often means you shouldn't have eaten that midnight snack Peanut butter & dill pickle sandwich with so much mayo on it.

Answered: HOW LONG WAS OBAMA a state senator?

A couple of months less than 7 years. Jan 8, 1997 to Nov 4, 2004.

Answered: What is the operating system of a german luger?

The Luger pistol (Parabellum) was manufactured by arms manufacturers Deutsche Waffen-und Munitionsfabriken(DWM) starting in 1900 with others such as W+F Bern, Krieghoff, Simson, Mauser and Vickers and ...

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