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Answered: Why do we care about what they do?

I wonder about that, too. Let me know if you get a valid answer.

Answered: What does a witches nose look like?

Diane Feinstein might be a front runner, too.

Answered: What forms gas through fermentation?

A common process right now is the action of brewers yeast (fermentation) on corn. This process gives off CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), which is a gas at standard temperature and pressure.

Answered: How do i remove the pc repair virus?

There is some useful info at Microsoft. Look here>><<<There is also a good article at bleepingcomputer about it. Look here>>> ...

Answered: Why is literacy important for the 2-3 yrear old ...

It isn't. There are several reliable studies to indicate age 2 thru 4 should be learning more basic things than the "3 R's".

Answered: How to fix gas furnace?

Call the company who supplies your gas. They often have a repairman on their payroll. If they don't they can recommend one. Don't try to fix it yourself.

Answered: How long has ebola been a threat?

The first verified case was diagnosed in Africa in 1976. So, it's been at least that long, and probably other cases occurred prior to that which weren't identified. It's a pretty safe bet ebola has ...

Answered: What is the upside of anger?

Well, it will give you one helluvan adrenaline high, if you're into that type of thing.

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