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Answered: Do daddy long leg spiders eat flies?

Yes, they can & will eat flies, but have no way to catch them easily, since they don't spin webs. Probably they only eat flies that are already dead. Much of what they eat is vegetable in nature.

Answered: How to deep clean your colon?

Invest in a pressure washer. After you get done with cleansing your colon, you can use it to wash your car, clean off your patio, and wash your dog's dish out REAL good.

Answered: What does a Canadian citizen do when needs Dr in ...

Look in a city directory for urgent care clinics. Almost all hospitals have emergency rooms that will help, also.

Answered: Website to download free books

If you want to stay legal, you can get free books from has a few---and has a free section. If you want pirated stuff, along with a few shots of malware ...

Answered: What to do if you find a large turtle in your yard ...

That depends on whether or not you like turtle soup.

Answered: How to seal a wood floor?

There is more than one method. You can get polyurethane that is formulated for use on floors, which is probably the most used. Or, you can get a two part epoxy compound that is, so far as I know ...

Answered: How do I replace a 2012 ford Escape Power Train ...

Take it back to the dealer and have it repaired/replaced. It should still be under warranty.

Answered: Father goose stays on dock

There are several species of wild geese in North America. The two I know about are Canada Geese and Snow/Blue geese. Both species will usually mate for life. As to the goose you mention, it may ...

Answered: How to repair broken revolver grips?

Wooden grips can be glued back together, although I would replace any broken ones rather than try it. Plastic grips can also be glued, or, possibly heat welded. Neither of these repairs looks very ...

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