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Answered: How to fix gas furnace?

Call the company who supplies your gas. They often have a repairman on their payroll. If they don't they can recommend one. Don't try to fix it yourself.

Answered: How long has ebola been a threat?

The first verified case was diagnosed in Africa in 1976. So, it's been at least that long, and probably other cases occurred prior to that which weren't identified. It's a pretty safe bet ebola has ...

Answered: What is the upside of anger?

Well, it will give you one helluvan adrenaline high, if you're into that type of thing.

Answered: What is anti diarrhea medicine?

Kao-Pectate or something similar, if you want over-the-counter. A pharmacist can answer your question.

Answered: How many cylinder does a motorcycle have?

One, two, three, or four is most common. A few, usually custom bikes, have more. I've seen a few custom trikes that had V-8 automobile engines.

Answered: What does 29 x 59 mean?

It could mean the number 29 multiplied by the number 59, or it could be an area measurement in unspecified distance terms. That would be the two most likely answers, I think.

Answered: Where is Indian creek Minnesota in relation to ...

Mapquest shows six different places for "Indian Creek''. you need to be more specific in your question. Try something like "Indian Creek near Brimson, Minn", just as an example. Better yet, go to ...

Answered: What is the tallest giantic tree in all the land?

Pacific coast redwood are far and away the tallest in North America.

Answered: What is a "pitch artist"?

A con man or deceitful sales person. It could also refer to a person who is running a crooked gambling game. It could possibly be a person who verbally advertises, i.e. a carnival "barker"

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