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Answered: Downloads

Try looking in ''My Documents'' for a folder labelled ''Downloads''. You can run saved downloads from there, if it is there. Since I don't know what kind of operating system you're using, I can't ...

Answered: Sheesh

The best answer I can give you is very damn few. Maybe you already noticed, the general list is fleshed out with old questions that have been there for days or a couple of weeks. There are only a ...

Answered: What is the word for states seperating from USA?

Secede is the root word. To secede means to voluntarily leave a group.

Answered: Where to restring a baseball bat in Stuart ...

You haven't played baseball before, have you? A baseball bat has no strings.

Answered: What does it mean to sneeze and cough?

It means you're ill. It could be a cold, flu, or other bacterial or viral infection. Your best bet is to see a doctor if it doesn't clear up or at least get a lot better after 4 to 5 days. See one ...

Answered: Where is high standard k-1200 serial #?

It should be on the side of the receiver opposite to the ejection port, (left side) nearer the front, and closer to the bottom than the top of the receiver.

Answered: What countries have no terrorist threats?

I don't recall seeing any threats against Iceland or Greenland. Leichtenstein appears to be pretty safe and secure, too. Uruguay might qualify, also. Cuba appears to be immune, and, so far as I can ...

Answered: How to format transcend sd card?

It's explained pretty well at this site.

Answered: Where do I get Australian or NZ dollars in the ...

Your bank will be able to get them for you, although they probably won't have any on hand. You should be aware there is a fee for exchanging currency. It is a percentage of the dollar amount you ...

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