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Answered: What if I don't want kids?

If you're male, see a urologist about a vasectomy. If you're female see a gynecologist about a tubal ligation.

Answered: Why do people have toes?

Many people need them to count past ten.

Answered: Where to find goose in boulder?

You should probably give up on looking among or inside boulders for geese. They mostly hang out somewhere wet, or somewhere covered with some kind of grain or green sprouts when they're hungry.

Answered: How do I file for bankruptcy?

You have a couple of options. There are several bankruptcy D.I.Y. books, either ebooks or regular books. You can probably find some information at a local public library. The other option is to get ...

Answered: My cat clawed my leather chair. It looks like ...

I don't know of any way to fix up your chair, other than either getting it re-covered or replaced. Get your cat a scratching post, and keep thechair covered with a throw made from heavy cloth. If ...

Answered: How long was william harrison in office as ...

About one month. He was sworn into office on March 4, and died April 4, 1841. His inaugural speech was the longest of any president, before or since. His tenure was the shortest. There should be ...

Answered: I sat a Villeroy & Boch (French Garden ...

This sometimes will work. Fill the inside (top) container with crushed ice or ice water. Then, set the outside container in some hot water. Let it sit for a few minutes, (maybe 5) and then try to ...

Answered: What kind of pull up underwear do hospitals use

The last time I was hospitalized, a couple of years ago, it was bring your own,or don't wear any.

Answered: How to tell time in japan?

A wrist watch or pocket watch works quite well..

Answered: Why does my turn signal blink fast?

The most common cause is a burned out bulb. You can check this yourself. Turn the ignition key on to the normal "Run" position, but don't start the motor. Then, turn on the blinker that blinks too ...

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