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Answered: When good people give up their guns only bad guys ...

Meaning, in a life threatening situation, local law enforcement is only a few minutes away when you have a few seconds left to defend yourself.

Answered: What happened to Che Guevara?

He was killed in Bolivia, near a small town named Vallegrande, on Oct 9, 1967, in a battle between revolutionaries and the Bolivian military.

Answered: Remington 7600 10 Round Magazine Short Action 308 ...

Have you tried the Remington company office yet? I can't say for sure if they make higher capacity magazines, but it's a good place to start. Next, try Brownell' ...

Answered: What bands only had 3 members?

The Kingston Trio, just for one. Peter, Paul, and Mary, for another. Any band or musical group that has ''Trio'' in their name is almost always a 3 member group.

Answered: Who wrote the song, I hate to see that evening sun ...

"I hate to see that evening sun go down" is a line from a song named ''Blues in the Night'', written by Harold Arlen and performed by dozens of singers and bands from the Big Band era, up until now ...

Answered: Do thay still make mucinex md?

If you're asking about Mucinex DM, it's still available at just about any pharmacy worth the name, at least in the U S A.

Answered: How do dingos stay warm?

They live in a relatively warm climate. They wear fur coats.

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