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Answered: Why do korean women wear a white bow to funerals?

White is the traditional color for mourning, bereavement, and such throughout much of the far east, just as black is the color used in much of the west.

Answered: Where can I find bess aldrich's short story, the ...

If you mean "The Silent Stars Go By", you can get it at Amazon, or several other on-line booksellers. It has to be in one of the collections of short stories (about 160) she wrote, because it was ...

Answered: What is a "pitch artist"?

A con man or deceitful sales person. It could also refer to a person who is running a crooked gambling game. It could possibly be a person who verbally advertises, i.e. a carnival "barker"

Answered: What are animal we eat called?

Don't forget animal crackers.

Answered: Connecting two properties under one deed.

Go (in person) to your county courthouse and consult the county clerk's office. Don't try calling. If your county officials are anything like mine, you won't get any answers other than "Please ...

Answered: How do i find out if my franchi brescia 12 ga is ...

Go to www.franchiusa/manuals, download a free manual and it will tell you which models are chambered for 3" shells. Any competent gunsmith can give you the information, also. They have tools to ...

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Answered: How many states in the Union in1926?

48. Alaska and Hawaii were still U S territories in 1926

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