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Answered: What to buy in paris france 2013?

The very first purchase you need to make is a return ticket to 2014 on the time machine that sent you back.

Answered: Website to download free books

If you want to stay legal, you can get free books from has a few---and has a free section. If you want pirated stuff, along with a few shots of malware ...

Answered: How do I replace a 2012 ford Escape Power Train ...

Take it back to the dealer and have it repaired/replaced. It should still be under warranty.

Answered: Father goose stays on dock

There are several species of wild geese in North America. The two I know about are Canada Geese and Snow/Blue geese. Both species will usually mate for life. As to the goose you mention, it may ...

Answered: How to treat a hornet sting?

The best Over the Counter treatment I ever found is called "Stingkill" If you don't have any of that handy, a paste of water and baking soda applied directly to the sting area will help to neutralize ...

Answered: Why does eating a lot of fruit make me urinate a ...

I think the main reason is because fruit is mostly (more than 90%) water. If you eat a lot of fruit, in effect, you're taking in a lot of water, which has to go somewhere.

Answered: How to shoot a shotgun right handed with no right ...

Look into "Castoff Stocks" The stock has an offset (castoff) that helps to allow the left eye to center over the bore of the firearm. Best of luck

Answered: What do the initials LTJG USN MEAN?

Lieutenant (junior grade) United States Navy.

Answered: Who was 1'st russian to orbit earth?

Yuri Gagarin, on April 12, 1961.

Answered: What is a "rumpsible " spoon?

I think you mean a "runcible" spoon. It's a three-pronged fork, such as a pickle fork, curved like a spoon and having a cutting edge.

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