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Answered: What is a "rumpsible " spoon?

I think you mean a "runcible" spoon. It's a three-pronged fork, such as a pickle fork, curved like a spoon and having a cutting edge.

Answered: How long can you keep cooked turkey, if its been ...

3 days or less, according to the info I have. It will sometimes go stale even sooner than that, although it's probably still OK to eat.

Answered: Please explain April 8th deadline re Windows XP

After April 8, Microsoft will not provide any more security updates or any other service for Windows XP. One example, there won't be any driver updates so that newer software and/or hardware will ...

Answered: When was Los angeles last eartquake?

The latest earthquake in the Los Angeles area was on Friday, March 28, 2014, at 9:09 P.M. local time. It registered at a magnitude of about 5.1.

Answered: Is Mike Weaver the greatest living American?

He's (Ol' Yeddar) got a huge lead on the one in second place, too.

Answered: Are there Buffalo Soldier in the military today

The term "Buffalo Soldier" came from the people who originally lived in what"s now the Southern Plains states of the U S A. Shortly after the end of the Civil War, a U S Cavalry (10th) unit was ...

Answered: Racey Question Gentlemen Why do Most Guys Want Sex ...

You just can't expect any better from Redd. See my comment for the REAL reason.

Answered: Racey Question Gentlemen Why do Most Guys Want Sex ...

I'm thinking it's because that's just after closing time at the local bars. Redd Nekk--Balrog's 1st cudn.

Answered: What could passing blood clots when urnating mean ...

It means you need to see a specialist in urinary tract problems ASAP. This isn't the place to find medical advice. So far as I know, there isn't any-one here qualified to help you.

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