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Answered: Deletion

Right you are, Yeddar. If one doesn't do it, think about a multiple strike. You could have a small, medium, or large self illuminating parking lot just by going that extra mile.

Answered: Broken Democracy: Republicans poised to take ...

Oh Dear. Common Dreams is having Nightmares. How awful!!

Answered: REALWICKED is Alexandria Silvia

That's certainly earthshaking information you just imparted. Did you have a question you wanted to ask?

Answered: When weighing cooked shrimp to charge per pound do ...

The operative word here is "Cooked". If you intend to sell cooked shrimp, you should probably weigh them when cooked.

Answered: What tribes can i join without bloodline

The Fugawee's. They wander around crying '' Where da Fugawee ''.

Answered: Is GreatBore215 a Spammer as well as an Imbecile?

Well, I guess the imbecile part is pretty much covered. How about the spammer part? You don't really see much from Griefboar except an article headline and a link to one of those left-wing rags that ...

Answered: HOW RARE IS IT that anyone comes here (Aol Answers ...

You're right on the money. There are about 4 or 5 stalkers here who discourage the few people who might make some positive contribution, so they leave. Then, to beef up the traffic count, spammers ...

Answered: Baseboard radiator circulating cold water

First, turn the thermostat on your furnace up high and check to see if the burners are lit. If you have an electric boiler, check to see if there is electrical power to the heating elements. Second ...

Answered: Obama Lies Through His Teeth in Bill O'Reilly ...

Getting a straight answer out of any politician is nearly impossible. All politicians lie. Obama is an excellent politician. He recently won an award for that.

Answered: No Rocmike aliases (LadyDarko, etc.), no

Too bad they never stay squashed.

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