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Answered: What are animal we eat called?

Don't forget animal crackers.

Answered: Connecting two properties under one deed.

Go (in person) to your county courthouse and consult the county clerk's office. Don't try calling. If your county officials are anything like mine, you won't get any answers other than "Please ...

Answered: How do i find out if my franchi brescia 12 ga is ...

Go to www.franchiusa/manuals, download a free manual and it will tell you which models are chambered for 3" shells. Any competent gunsmith can give you the information, also. They have tools to ...

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Answered: How many states in the Union in1926?

48. Alaska and Hawaii were still U S territories in 1926

Answered: Where do pirates play playoff game if they win ...

If you mean the single game to determine which Wild Card team advances, the team with the best won/lost record has home field advantage. Then---The team that wins will play at the home field of the ...

Answered: Why doesn't an bomber suddenly go up after ...

Actually, it does go up. The pilot or auto-pilot corrects for the extra lift. Presumably, with the present generation of computerized,fly-by-wire military aircraft, the extra lift is anticipated and ...

Answered: What to buy in paris france 2013?

The very first purchase you need to make is a return ticket to 2014 on the time machine that sent you back.

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