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Answered: Where can I safely buy Celebrex Capsules?

Any pharmacy in the U S A will probably have it. You can buy it there so long as you have a prescription.

Answered: How to keep cats off a car?

Good luck with that! I suspect your only chance is to park your car in a cat-free area or an enclose garage that is cat proof.

Answered: What is a lorry park?

''Lorry'' is a word used in the U.K. instead of truck. It's an area used to park, usually, large commercial trucks. Many have sanitary facilities, some also have restaurants or fast food.

Answered: What are the only two parts of the body that keep ...

Hair and nails. In my case, at least, my bald spot.

Answered: Who is George soros/ why isn't this man stopped ...

About George Soros from Wikipedia--'' George Soros (born August 12, 1930 in Hungary ) is a leftist American businessman and one of the richest people in the world, current networth estimated to be ...

Answered: Which is cooler the 1956 vs 1957 chevy?

'57, in the two-door hardtop models. Just my opinion, of course.

Answered: What does SDHC I mean?

Secure Digital High Capacity. It's a compact device, something like a Flash Drive, used to store and play back digital data. The ''High Capacity'' designation means they will hold more than ...

Answered: who calls me from this number 8448195021 the ...

This sounds to me like either a shifty collection agency or an out-and-out scammer. I suggest you go to and see if they have anything on this. It's free. They do have at least ...

Answered: What was a nighthawk in the cowboy days?

The info is a little bit vague on this. Some of it says it was the man (or boy) in charge of the horse herd on a ranch or cattle drive, night refers to the herder having the task of driving in the ...

Answered: How to help increased mucus with COPD?

The first step is to discuss the situation with a doctor who specializes in pulmonary disease control. There are several prescription drugs available to help dry up excess mucus. If you are using a ...

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