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Answered: How could i get a bad cough while on antibiotics?

Many pulmonary (lung) infections are caused by a virus infection. An antibiotic doesn't do anything to eliminate virus. So, for a guess, you have a viral infection. Your doctor should probably be ...

Answered: What is currently the hottest pepper?

Last I heard, it was a little number called the Carolina Reaper. I quit looking after I sampled a Tabasco many years ago.

Answered: What to do for swollen arm from bee sting?

Apply cold pack(s). Use a Sting Kill swab or some such, or a paste of baking soda/water directly on the sting. If the swelling doesn't very soon start to go down or gets worse, and/or you feel sick ...

Answered: What is condensed oxygen called?

Liquid or liquified oxygen comes to mind. An old acronym I don't see much of now=LOX

Answered: What is Tuscan tomato Sauce?

Here's a recipe from Allrecipes for one kind. It sounds greeat to me, I may try some for supper, in fact.------------------------------------------------------------recipe makes 4 servings 1/4 ...

Answered: What to buy in paris france 2013?

The very first purchase you need to make is a return ticket to 2014 on the time machine that sent you back.

Answered: How to survivea 16 day house guest?

Take your two week vacation while the guest is there and go fishing.

Answered: How much weight can a 2x4 support vertically?

Just as in a horizontal application, it depends a lot on the length of the 2X4.

Answered: Which continent was discovered bt Columbus in ...

Columbus didn't actually even visit, much less discover, a "continent" on his first voyage in 1492. He did find the Bahama Islands, and that's as far as he got on his first voyage. So far as factual ...

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