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Answered: Why does eating a lot of fruit make me urinate a ...

I think the main reason is because fruit is mostly (more than 90%) water. If you eat a lot of fruit, in effect, you're taking in a lot of water, which has to go somewhere.

Answered: What choke to use for skeet?

There are special chokes made just for shooting skeet. Briley, the largest mfgr of choke tubes in the U S A lists three different ones. They aren't ALL that expensive, so why not buy two, or even ...

Answered: Who played johnny fontane in the godfather?

Al Martino.----- Born: October 7, 1927, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Died: October 13, 2009, Springfield, Pennsylvania, USA Spouse:Judith Martino (m. 1969-2009) Children:Alison Martino ...

Answered: How old is the State of Fla?

Florida became a state in 1845, so right now, the state of Florida has been in existence for 169 years.

Answered: Who sang 'see you in september' in the l950s?

"The Tempos", 1959. "The Happenings", 1965 or 1966.

Answered: What is your billy joel theme song?

Mine is "The Piano Man" Great lyrics.

Answered: What is rookits is it a safe program what does it ...

A rootkit is almost always malware (bad for your computer and maybe your bank account). Here's what Wiki has to offer as an explanation. " A rootkit is a stealthy type of software, typically ...

Answered: What nationality is the new miss usa?

She's an American (USA) national. She couldn't qualify for the pageant if she was not.

Answered: Can cantaloupe be mixed corn plants?

If you mean can corn and cantaloupe be planted as companions in the same area, yes, they can. Both require a lot of nutrients, tho, so be sure to have plenty of fertilizer available.

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