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Answered: How to cleaan a burned non stainless steel pot?

If you're talking about burned on food, usually an oven cleaner like Easy Off or some such will do the job for you. If you do use it, be sure to wear some heavy chemical resistant gloves, something ...

Answered: 99 jeep wrangler bogging on cold starts when ...

Neil, this isn't much more than a wild guess on my part. Here it is. It could be the temperature sensor. There is one that tells the computer whether the engine is below operating temperature or at ...

Answered: When was Los angeles last eartquake?

The latest earthquake in the Los Angeles area was on Friday, March 28, 2014, at 9:09 P.M. local time. It registered at a magnitude of about 5.1.

Answered: Washer displays LF Error Code

All appliance manufacturers produce manuals explaining how to repair their appliance. With so many different appliances available from so many different manufacturers, it is only right to expect some ...

Answered: Reservoirs behind dams

When a river is dammed, the current flow of the water is slower, and much of the area that is flooded to form the reservoir has little or no current. During the course of a year, fine particles of ...

Answered: How many gallons of liquid are in a railroad car?

It varies with the size of the car, also the kind of car. Liquids are almost always transported in tank cars, but it is possible to move a liquid for a short distance in a gondola lined with a ...

Answered: How to cook a fresh pork roast?

You can roast it in your oven, or cook it in a slow cooker. It's also possible to BBQ a pork roast in a covered outdoor BBQ grill. If you try this, be very sure the roast is cooked all the way ...

Answered: Alter darkness of stain

If you want to darken oil stain, you can do it with a very dark colored oil stain. i.e dark walnut into a light color stain, i.e. golden oak. If you are using a water base stain, oil based pigment ...

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