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Answered: What causes warts do they affect your blood?

Warts are a virus infection. The most common virus (papilloma) that causes warts is very common, most people are exposed to it at some time in their life. The infected area can be treated with ...

Answered: How long were 1964 drafted men in the army?

It was usually 2 years of active duty, followed by 5 years of inactive status. It did happen that the two year hitch was extended for periods of up to another year, but that didn't happen often at ...

Answered: Who recorded i am so lonesome i could cry?

Hank Williams, Sr. (original, Aug, 1949), Johnny Tillotson, Rosemary Clooney, Elvis Presley, Marty Robbins, Joni James, Glen Campbell, B. J. Thomas, Wynnona Judd, George Jones, Randy Travis, Kris ...

Answered: How big is a 105 X 140 lot?

Assuming you're using feet as a measurement, 14,700 square feet, or .337466 acres (a bit over 1/3 acre)

Answered: What positions did gil hodges play in the majors ...

He played 3rd base for one game, he was backup catcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers. For most of his MLB career, he was a first baseman. He was also a manager for the New York Mets.

Answered: Why do you get water mixed in your engine with ...

The two most likely reasons I can think of are: 1) A leaky head gasket. 2) A crack in the engine block or head that bleeds water into the oil, either an oil channel or directly into the crankcase.

Answered: Where is 23rd street located?

It's located between 22nd street and 24th street.

Answered: AOL Answers invalid certificate

It's pretty obvious AOL isn't in any big hurry. I've been having more and more difficulty signing on all this month. Now, the only way I can log in is to use a tablet computer. Android is the only ...

Answered: Why can;t Obama be "fired" ?

I suspect it's because the necessary 2/3 majority vote in the U S Senate isn't there. Politicians tend to vote along straight party lines most of the time, 67 votes are needed to approve the Articles ...

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