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Answered: Are you with me?

Bones, while I'm with you on this, who the hell is ''WE''? You're about the only other person left who even posts here on any kind of a regular basis. Right now, there are about 4 different people ...

Answered: Does ANYTHING happen here anymore?

You can easily see what ''anything'' is by reading the above answers, and scouting out the Q & A sections. We now have about 4 stalkers/trolls who show up every day to trade ...

Asked: Have you noticed???

What a howling success AOL Answers has morphed into. Hundreds of spam posts in both Questions and Answers pages, a dozen or so useless posts from the Stalkers/Trolls, and a batch of ugly porn from ...

Answered: Book or kindle?

I'd really rather read a book, simply because I'm old enough to be conditioned to books. However, I'm using an e-reader more and more, (not a Kindle, tho) for a couple of reasons. One reason is ...

Answered: Just turned on laptop & found no emails

Sorry, Judy. This site isn't helpful any longer. Usually, only spammers and stalkers/trolls are here. One thing you'll never get here is any attention at all from AOL Staffers. That's IF ...

Answered: Who wins more wars, democrats or republicans?

Neither one wins any wars. Wars have been fought, won, or lost, long before there were any such thing as republicans and/or democrats. military personal are the organizations who win or lose wars ...

Asked: Message for Greatbore215

Just as a matter of curiosity , I looked back at the questions on AOLAnswers posted during the last 24 hours. Guess what?? Other than the ones you posted, spamming for the Huff'n'Puff Post, all of ...

Commented: About rgheller50's answer

As rapidly as this site is degrading, that's probably the only intelligent answer you're going to get. Sorry, this site was once fairly good about useful answers to fair questions. If you scan the ...

Commented: About Kathy's answer

I don't think there is a do-it-yourself way to delete a question that you post here. The only way I know about to eliminate a question is to use ''feedback'' to ask AOL staffers to delete it for you ...

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biny789 says:
"I am very glad that you are on AOLanwers because you have helped me before with something that need to be known soon, after I asked the question. That makes you awesome on my list. Also, I agree with Njoy."
n says:
"Balrog, I like your very intelligent answers. Welcome to AOLanswers. I hope you stay with us for a very long time."