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Answered: Where to get keys made?

At a locksmith's shop, many if not most hardware stores, home improvement centers often have a key machine, if you want car keys, a car dealership can help you out, as can an auto parts store. I ...

Answered: How many words in deuteronomy?

Even though it's a long word, deuteronomy is still one word.

Answered: How do you stop farting?

Try Gas-X or Beano. You can get it over the counter at any pharmacy and at lots of grocery stores.

Answered: Cost per person to treat Ebola in US

Probably there is info like that available. What you won't find is what happens to any of the people who are quarantined if or when they are infected. Are they left there to die? Or, will they get ...

Answered: Is the hatchet attacker a terrorist?

It's a matter of opinion, I think. Mine is, the man is a homicidal psychopath, who should be incarcerated for life.

Answered: What is Senator Shaheen's home state?

She's one of two U S Senators from New Hampshire, if that's what you're asking. She was born in Missouri, however.

Answered: Who is kim kardashian married to?

Kanye West. Another guy with a very strong stomach.

Answered: How old is magic johnson?

55. He was born August 14, 1959.

Answered: How is the recoil on the 45-70 horandy ...

I've never fired that particular round, so I can't give you a concise answer. A trick I learned from a gunsmith is: See what the muzzle energy of this round is, then compare it to a load that ...

Answered: What state is the ebola river in?

Ebola River is located in west central Africa. It was formerly known as the Zaire or Congo River. It is still called by either name by many if not most, local people. It, and it's tributaries flow ...

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