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Thanks. Got my eyes crossed again.

Answered: Is legally use pump fire stock in Utah?

If you mean a ''bump-fire stock'' they're OK with the ATF (as of now).. Utah state law may or may not prohibit it. I tried a quick scan of their laws, couldn't find any reference to it one way or ...

Answered: How many cups make a quart?

4 cups (8 fluid ounces/cup) equals one quart.

Answered: What if someone doesn't thank you after having ...

There's another possible answer to this question. If you ''have them for dinner'', they've just been the main course, and are in the process of being digested. Not many would be thankful for that.

Answered: What if someone doesn't thank you after having ...

Just presume they were so overwhelmingly pleased with dinner they were left speechless.

Answered: What was the profession of Jack Ruby?

Basically, he was a professional criminal.

Answered: Is there only one moon in the universe?

No, if we define a moon as a naturally occurring satellite in orbit around a planet, there are at least 146 moons just in the Solar System. Just the planet Saturn has more than 60 that have been ...

Answered: What are the steps to demand a resignation of a ...

That depends on which country you're referring to. If it's the U S A, the first step is to elect a Congress that is overwhelmingly of the opposing political party. The next step is to obtain ...

Answered: Who was the only president who did NOT pass an ...

William Henry Harrison would certainly fill the bill. He didn't have time enough. He contracted a severe lung infection on his inauguration day, and was bed ridden until his death from (probably ...

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