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Answered: Where can I find bess aldrich's short story, the ...

If you mean "The Silent Stars Go By", you can get it at Amazon, or several other on-line booksellers. It has to be in one of the collections of short stories (about 160) she wrote, because it was ...

Answered: When is nolan ryan's birthday?

Born January 31, 1947 (67 years old)

Answered: How fast is the fastest motorcycle?

You've already asked this question and gotten an answer at least twice.

Answered: What H L Mencken had to sa about Zelda ...

''The poor girl went insane in Paris a year or so ago, and is still plainly more or less off her base. She managed to get through lunch quietly enough, but there was a wild look in her eye, and now ...

Answered: How fast can a cycle go?

25 September 2010 Bonneville, US Rocky Robinson Top Oil-Ack Attack streamliner 2,600 cc (160 cu in) 376.363mph, or 605.697 kph.

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