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Answered: What would cause a large knot on the back of my ...

Perhaps an insect or arachnid bite? Some spiders are venomous enough to cause that, a bee sting or wasp sting might do it, and some ticks inject a nerve deadening chemical so you don't feel the ...

Answered: How to pickle northern pike?

Don't. They may be infected with a parasite that is also harmful to humans. Pickling will NOT kill this particular worm. Cook pike using a traditional method. i.e. deep fry---fry---broil ...

Answered: What to do when walnuts fall on the ground from ...

1: Let the nuts lay there on the ground 2: Rake up the nuts and dispose of them

Answered: How many children did patti page have?

Two adopted children. Best info I can find, she had no natural children.

Answered: Why doesn't an bomber suddenly go up after ...

Actually, it does go up. The pilot or auto-pilot corrects for the extra lift. Presumably, with the present generation of computerized,fly-by-wire military aircraft, the extra lift is anticipated and ...

Answered: What does it mean when someone second guesses ...

If it's someone you deal with on a regular basis, It means one of two things. You and the other person need to get together and work out this problem you have, possibly with some counseling, or else ...

Answered: How many young children can you take on one ...

Kayaks are the most unstable water craft it's ever been my misfortune to get involved with. I'd never take a very young child out in one. IMHO that is a recipe for disaster.

Answered: How old is johnny bench ball player retired?

Right now, he's 66 years old. He'll be 67 on Dec 7, 2014

Answered: What to do with the next few years?

Enjoy them. Many people won't have that opportunity.

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