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Answered: Help...young love.

do these specifications include him having a career,a home,a good relationship with his parents , with god, has he lived long enough to know that u r like a fine crystal vase one that needs to be ...

Answered: Boraed

it all depends on how old u r, if u r a young teenager and still in school u should concentrate on ur schooling and maybe get a part time job start early on college courses there is a ton of things to ...

Answered: Bible verse for memorial service

A Memorial Service is usually to remember the Life of a certain special person. Being that the case, More the reason to express hope not only by remembering the life of the person that was but the one ...

Asked: Puppies

i have 2 (7 month old puppies min pin mix w/ chihuahua) one of the puppies started pooping watery today but just now she pooped and it had a little bit of blood should i separate the puppies i have ...

Asked: Bathing

when can i bath my puppies?

Commented: About DB Lady's answer

Wonderful thanks but i did start her on half can half dry and she got big time diarrhea is that normal? I gave her ol'roy maybe it's the brand? I was told that giving her meats could cause her to get ...

Commented: About rayter's answer

I believe this is so true i hade a chihuahua mix w/dachund well he passed 4 weeks ago and my min pin is still grieving. The min pin will go sit by his grave and stay there for a while in the evenings ...

Asked: Mamma min pin

I was told to feed my momma dog puppy food while she was expecting well its been two weeks now, do i change her diet now or stay the same while she is feeding the pups.She had 5 min pins yeay!!!!

Asked: Provide a ready to load credit card

paycards How could a Co. go about obtaining them for their cust. use. for example Co. provides the card and the customer puts money on the card to make payment?

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