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Answered: My one day old baby (girl) have white hairs on ...

I would speak to a doctor about this... even maybe to a plastic surgeon. maybe there is something that can be done, even certain vitamins could help this. however i will tell you that one of my best ...

Answered: Word symbols/abbreviations

It means that the person is shocked by the question, speechless, or excited. This can be both negative and positive...

Answered: Grandfather

What does that mean to grandfather the dead sea?? I have never heard that saying before.

Answered: What characteristics do

I think that someone who is patient and loving, trusting and trustworthy, one that believes in your dreams and helps you to achieve them, one that is always willing to listen, and that gives his ...

Answered: How do you not feel lonely when you're trying ...

That's awesome that you have written her poems. I think though that everyone has their own way of showing interest and affection. Maybe she feels overwhelmed by your creativity and she doesn't know ...

Answered: My 16 yr old daughter ran away and is staying ...

Your welcome. I really hope that you will be able to be strong and tough with her. She will thank you one day if you are tough now. Don't let your child parent you... be the dominant figure here ...

Answered: Jewish State

There are many people that are not Jewish in Israel, and they have the same freedoms and rights, including that Arab citizens, many of which do not pay taxes or follow laws. Basically they get ...

Answered: Let's vote... Best movie of all time.

I can never stop thinking about V for Vendetta... I absolutely loved it.

Answered: Dancing with the Stars Finale

No way about what? That Shawn and Mark shouldn't have won, or that Shawn will go back to gymnastics?

Answered: Isn't MIley Cyrus' relationship illegal?

I don't think that a 16-year-old dating a 20-year-old is illegal. It is only illegal if they have sex and then she complains. Basically, if the whole thing is consential, then it is fine.


~Jada~ says:
"Hi Hemplover... thank you for your kind words and I'm glad you like me dog. He is a lil cuties lol... : ) I hope you decide to start posting again soon... I haven't seen you around lately until you left me that nice compliment. Thank you so much. ~Jada~"
Ranger says:
"Thank you hemplover for giving me a compliment. Enjoy aolanswer!"
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"Thank you sweetie.. You're very proficient yourself.. Love you image."
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"Hi Hemplover. Thank you for the kind words. I hope you are enjoying the site and I hope to see more of you in the future. ~Jada~"
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"Thanks for your consideration deserves a thank you from my end glad to know or meet you here in the darkenss of the interspace's of flying words!/ Richard"
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"Thanks hemplover.. OOooh, love your name.. And your pic. What State is Asheville in? "
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"Thankyou so much for the lovely compliment. It came at the right time and I really appreciate it. I'm gonna have to check YOU out now. Take care, Sweetie. Sincerely, Faye"
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"We are in need of people like you in this world today. Stay strong and kind. It is a lovely way to go. Lady Darko E."
Morgan says:
"you are something special in womanhood and I have respect for you. Keep up the good work I am too busy with politics to remember sometimes what it means to be a woman. Lady Darko E."
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"Thank you for the compliment. It's people like you that keeps me going. Hope you always remain just as sweet tomorrow as you are today."
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"Hey there hemplover. You are truly one of my favorite girls here on Yedda. I'm hoping to see you around soon. xxooo"
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"Well, thank you! hemplover! To a beautiful young woman with an absolute heart of gold~thank you, for taking the time out of your life, to fill an old lady's heart with joy! I see you and I share the same B~Day month-and the date is soooo close to mine!~Be Blessed. PG."