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Answered: Let's vote... Best movie of all time.

I can never stop thinking about V for Vendetta... I absolutely loved it.

Answered: Dancing with the Stars Finale

No way about what? That Shawn and Mark shouldn't have won, or that Shawn will go back to gymnastics?

Answered: Isn't MIley Cyrus' relationship illegal?

I don't think that a 16-year-old dating a 20-year-old is illegal. It is only illegal if they have sex and then she complains. Basically, if the whole thing is consential, then it is fine.

Answered: What is your

Thank you Gali. Thanks for the advice... I'll do that. I always love your questions. Keep them coming. Have a great day.

Answered: How do you not feel lonely when you're trying ...

Aww... thanks. I hope it works out with you guys.

Answered: My family and I were walking in the woods in ...

It sounds to me like some sort of large cat, either a lion or tiger or some sort.

Answered: Will Miley Cyrus be another Brittany Spears?

Miley will never be nearly as talented or successful and Britney. Britney is in another league completely.

Answered: Im 13 how shouls i masterbate

Do it in the shower.... just don't let your parents walk in on you. Everyone has an embarrassing story of that happening to them.

Answered: I know men ejaculate between 2-5ml, but can women ...

Women don't ejaculate like men do, they just get moist from sexual activity. It isn't the same thing.

Answered: Office colors

It totally depends on what style you like, but I love beige kinds of colors and greens with a black trim... if you like that kind of look.


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