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Answered: What don't men understand about women?

I think that it totally depends on the man... some men are terribly stupid, and others know women very well, and sometimes understand women better that the women even understand themselves. You can't ...

Answered: Why don't women talk about money?

Honestly, I really don't think that this is the case at all. I know a lot of women that manage their own money, women who are investment bankers, women that are much better with money than their ...

Answered: Irresistible women fashion and designs

I love short flowy skirts with high sexy boots. I tend to wear jeans at least half of the week just out of laziness. However, if I had all the energy in the world in the morning, I'd wear a ...

Answered: Ugly fashion for women

Well honestly, I don't think that anything should be "banned" given the fact that every person has a right to choose what they feel like wearing. However, I do feel like there are some terrible ...

Answered: Important topics for teens.

acceptance, popularity, friendship, love, sex, college, the future, their parents, etc. i don't think that this is any different from other years though, and there are of course other specific topics ...

Answered: Why do i get sick every time i go out in the ...

It very well may be a problem with your immune system. I would definitely talk to your family doctor about this, to see if there are any special vitamins you can take or anything specific that can be ...

Answered: Furniture for a new home

Target is the way to go. They really have incredible things there and everything is reasonably priced. I would try there and at least see what she thinks.

Answered: What to wear on cousin's marriage

Try looking at David's Bridal. They are all over the country and they have really great deals... and a lot to look through.

Answered: I have a new apple ipod and would like to know how ...

Well if you want to legally download music, then the best way is to just find what you like in the itunes store, and buy it there. As soon as you plug your ipod into your computer, it will ...


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"you are something special in womanhood and I have respect for you. Keep up the good work I am too busy with politics to remember sometimes what it means to be a woman. Lady Darko E."
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