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Asked: How did Obama benefit from affirmative action?

How did Obama benefit from affirmative action?

Answered: Obama's Speech in Egypt

I believe Obama ought to resign. He has repeatedly failed in his efforts to "reach out" to our enemies that want to slaughter us and in doing so, misrepresented who we are as a country.

Answered: Mistaken Release of List of U.S. Nuclear Sites

Hey Al, if it helps I didn't vote for Obama. I knew better. He is actually worse than I expected

Answered: Mistaken Release of List of U.S. Nuclear Sites

I think Obama is a miserable joke. He needs to resign. He is making us appear weak every time he opens his mouth.

Answered: Mary Kay Letourneau

Come on Danielle. She broke the law and in doing so was unfaithful to her family and profession. Now she gets celebrity status? What did she do that deserves kudos? I'm sure you are a really nice ...

Answered: Mary Kay Letourneau

I think its ridiculous. She cheated on her husband with a minor who was her student. In doing so, she cheated on her kids' father with another child. Now she is enjoying celebrity status? She will ...

Answered: Obama's Speech in Egypt

Bush made it clear that we are at war with Islamic extremists. We went after the Taliban and Al Queda and drove them into caves, graves, and prisons. Practicing Muslims own businesses in America and ...

Answered: Race and Crime

You're right, it is every white person's intent to pick on a black man. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds?

Answered: Race and Crime

This is a tiring issue. I am the first to advocate equality for all people but I think this article highlights the typical "we are getting picked on cry" from the black community. Why can't it be ...

Answered: Obama's Court Nominee

Well, I didn't like previous comments she made that came off to me as racist. It seems as if she will put forward the same double standards regarding race that has existed in recent years. I do not ...

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