Asking with AOL Answers

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AOL Answers is a free service that connects you with the people that know the answer for your question, in two simple steps:

  1. Ask a question, on any topic. You have all the space you need to express yourself – plus, you can add images, links or video to clarify your question.
  2. Post your question
And then what?

Once you post your question, AOL Answers will automatically search for people with the relevant knowledge, and we'll invite them to answer your question.

Your question will also be available publicly for anyone to answer.

Getting the answers

Once you post your question, you can also choose to get notified when answers are provided. Or, you can simply check with us once in a while.

Asking a question on AOL Answers is easy (and free!). The clearer your question is, the more likely you are to get quick, relevant answers.

Some tips:

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    Choosing a short, descriptive title that summarizes your question increases the chances of people actually reading your question. If you don't choose a title, we'll generate one automatically for you. But we're not nearly as good as you are at this!
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    Choosing the right topics (a.k.a. tags or categories) for your question is the key for getting fast, accurate and relevant answers. Topics help the people who are interested in these topics to find your question, and it help us figure out which people are most likely to know the answer to your question and invite them to answer it.
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    Explain your question in as much as details as you need to - what are your personal circumstances, and your own findings. And, most important, don't forget to be clear about what it is that you're asking :)
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    Not sure where a specific screw goes? Can't tell who is the artist behind this picture? Sometimes adding a picture or a video to your question will save you a lot of explaining and will clarify your question to readers.

More tools

We've also provided several tools which you can use to make your question as clear and as readable as you want it to be:
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    Spell checker - because you want readers to understand your question :)
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    Rich Formatting - bold, italics, bullets...
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    Links - you can insert links to articles, web sites, other questions or answers, or anything else on the web which is useful in the context of your question.

What not to ask

There are also some things that should not go into your question. We discourage and may remove questions that:
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    Want assistance in conducting illegal activities
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    Are meant to sell or advertise products (though it's perfectly fine to promote your product or service in your profile information or your tag line).
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    Contain your personal contact information (email, phone number, full name). You can have people contact you through a AOL Answers message, though.
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    Request private information about individuals.
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    Refer or relate to adult content.
How long will it be before I get an answer to my question?

It's hard to say. Some questions are answered within minutes, while other questions may take longer.

For best results, be sure to describe your question clearly. Choosing a short, descriptive title and topics does wonders for getting quick and relevant answers!

What's nice about AOL Answers is that while we search for the best people to answer your question, you can go fishing! Or, do the dishes. Or get some work done. Or… help other folks who have questions on topics you can help with.