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Answered: What is capital of Utah and Kansas?

The capital of Utah is Salt Lake City. The capital of Kansas is Topeka.

Answered: Which is the Nepal Tour Company | Best Travel ...

Is this guy really advertising on aol answers..Why don't you send me some money?

Answered: Whats the best activity during desert safari in ...

The most effective journey safari methods of tourists in Abu Dhabi is actually desert safari expedition; dune buggy along with dune hitting may add more pleasurable in your trip.

Answered: What is the cost of desert safari trips in Abu ...

Various types of safari bundles accessible Abu dhabi. It depends on your option and also on safari vehicle. Selling price with the exciting leave safari trips are relatively small when compared a ...

Answered: Which desert safari tour operator offers the best ...

Arranging the daring desert safari camping and organized tours are extremely uncomplicated at this point with the launch connected with rapid on the web reserving; numerous excursion corporations ...

Answered: What happened to Che Guevara?

He was killed in Bolivia, near a small town named Vallegrande, on Oct 9, 1967, in a battle between revolutionaries and the Bolivian military.

Answered: Best Places to travel in the world

U Can find good tourist destination and best places to see who is good

Answered: Where shall I tour to China

I am a travel enthusiast and intrested in travelling around and collection of the views, of course, I would not have missed Chinese civilization with the history of five thousand years, where there ...

Answered: Egypt travel tips and advice?

There are a many number of the best places to travel all over the world. Everybody is different opinions. But for me, Egypt is one the best place to travel through the world. It is one of the top ...

Answered: Where is the best place to travel outside the ...

I think it is totals depend on your decision. For me, Egypt is one of the best places to travel outside the United States. It is one of the oldest and beautiful countries throughout the world. It ...

Answered: Fuel brand locators

There are brands like Amoco, Conoco, Phillips 66, BP, Sunoco.

Answered: London hotels

The best hotel is hard to decide but I know many nice Hotels Near Victoria and they are pretty good.

Answered: New London hotels

Well it’s hard to say which hotels are planned to build but you can book online or just walk-in but there are some Cheap Hotels in Central London which you might like by the standards and ...

Answered: Why Galapagos islands are so special?

Well Galapagos Island has big history behind it as studied by Charles Darwin during the voyage of the Beagle and commonly popular for their vast number of endemic species. You can feel the ...

Answered: When is the best time of year for travel?

It all depends on when you have enough money to get your ass to where you are going. That's the best time to travel.

Answered: When to travel?

When you have enough money to get wherever you are going. Until then stay your ass home!

Answered: Dance Tadpole Dance

What a pity that Tadpole is so weak stomached that she couldn't pass internship at a hospital. Too bad, so sad.

Answered: What happened to my old mail

I run sensitive material through the shredder or pulp it. Advertisements and other junk mail go in the re-cycle bin. ----------------------- Unless you mean something else!

Answered: Oops! Search just fumbled that one. Give us a ...

You didn't say what web site you are on. Is it AOL Search? Or Ebay? Or Amazon? It sounds like the site is having problems, maybe due to Christmas rush.

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