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Answered: Another question for Tadpole The Rocmike Stalker

The OP is going to be busy posting his porn pictures on this question and on all of his other posts that he will put up. The guy is a loser.

Answered: I see the Rocmike Stalker is already posting ...

Rocmike, how stupid are you? You posted your cartoons on this question. You use to post them all over this board the same way you post your porn now. What happened to your cartoons since you've been ...

Answered: How to increase revenue at your restaurant?

Review your earning weekly. How much do you invest and after giving all cost how do you have. Just calculate all of these and take a plan to extend your business and reduce the costs.

Answered: Tadpole/Lenore/Rocmike stalker is posting her ...

Rocmike, how can you deny that you're not the porn poster. We have all witnessed your mental illness. You believe that you're dead. You posted under Renner. Renner's name goes to Mike Dykes Facebook ...

Answered: Chardham yatra package

Rocmike you sick insane porn posting schizo, I see you changed my question.

Answered: What is the best time for an amazon river cruise?

Conditions along the Amazon River in Peru divide into two seasons: a high water season from December through May and a low water season that lasts from June until November. Cruising the Amazon in ...

Answered: Indian is a largest and oldest country in the ...

Indian? lmao, let me guess, Tadpole the Rocmike Stalker is the OP.

Answered: Egypt travel tips and advice?

O Egito é realmente cheio de atrações para seus visitantes. Pode não só desfrutar velha e histórica coloca aqui, mas o Egito também tem é um dos governantes mais célebres da história antiga. Durante ...

Answered: Where to visit chiang mai thailand

Google check would have helped you in a few minutes using a real computer vs smart phone. ----------------------------------------------------- ...

Answered: Which are best hotels in surat ?

Google check works too. Best hotel at any price??

Answered: Which travel agent should I choose to visit China

There are so many travel agent are available in China. But I know Greatwall Trekclub provides good travel service to travellers. For more information visit here:

Answered: Suggest me Cab Services in delhi?

Here is the list of cab services in delhi

Answered: Best credit card for petrol

With a wide array of credit cards available in the market, the benefits are never ending. I always prefer referring to a third part comparison site to help me choose the best deal. My experience has ...

Answered: Please suggest me good hotels in goa?

Hi you can get full details about budget hotels in goa here :

Answered: How to hire an ASO for flight into DCA?

The best and fastest way to hire a TSA/ASO for your DCA flight is to call 516-782-8472.

Answered: Why are all the shops at Lake Arrowhead Village ...

Funny question! Because village is near to Lake Arrowhead.

Answered: Travel

There are top 10 places where you should visit that are: that you may see from this link ...

Answered: Suggest me best Cab Services in delhi?

Many type of taxi and cab services available in Delhi like Radio taxi, prepaid cab, yellow cab, meru cab, mega cabs etc. find more details here:

Answered: Taxi service

See if you want a comfortable and affordable taxi service then i would refer you one website that is

Answered: Egypt travel advice?

I traveled to Egypt for the first time and enjoyed it a lot. If you do travel to Egypt, we strongly recommend that you plan your travel through a reputable travel company/agency because they are well ...

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