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Answered: Hunting Gun

It is dangerous!!!!!

Answered: What is the importance of Wisconsin's win?

The importance of Wisconsin's political win is that they have fairly elected people in office instead of Democrats elected by fraud.

Answered: Memphis Grizzlies Game Music

I am a fan of Mark Gasol

Answered: Give me a big fine bitch in a dress, one who ...

Find it at Sparky's place. The ho and her daughter are right up with the best.

Answered: Hunting strategies

Hey if you are a beginner in hunting than you should not shoot the target through trees or brush at a noise, instead a professional hunter identify their target and clear a shot at the animal’s vital ...

Asked: Tadpole is posting pictures of her family shitting ...

Tadpole is posting pictures of her family shitting in each others' mouths again.

Answered: These are the tales, the freaky tales... The ...

Like all things that leftists preach, that "story" was the worst and most banal variety of stupidity that Obama ever used to prove the bad character of Democrats. Too bad they have given Obama the ...

Answered: Which Final Four Event Has Your Attention?

You're correct. The OP is the nut who posts under all of those different names. He used this question as an answer on 1 of the other 2 questions he's posted on this subject. He hasn't had anyone reply ...

Answered: Liverpool keeps Chelsea in check

Both of the team are good. Liverpool VS Chelsea will be fighting match.

Answered: Where i find a tool to repair my bicycle?

following this link:

Answered: Cricket World cup schdule 2015

I like cricket. And of course I feel myself to be a part of World Cup Tournament 2015.

Answered: Fc Barcelona Photos and HD Wallpapers

My most favorite team Barcelona. I'll bookmark all of the photos of it.

Answered: What are two types of minerals in rocks?

If you are interested in learning about minerals and rocks, you should check out a ROCK SHOP in your area. One of the best is ROCK STAR CRYSTALS in New York City in Manhattan. They have o ver 140 ...

Answered: Who do you think would win between Notre Dame and ...

Notre Dame plays football at a higher level than Harvard. Notre Dame is often nationally ranked. Harvard may occasionally have a good team.

Answered: How to win a baseball game?

A major league baseball game is 9 innings, unless shortened by rain or extended with a tie score. High school games are usually 7 innings. The winner is the team that scored more runs.

Answered: I’ve heard that dart boards can dry out, is this ...

Cork boards can dry out. Fiber should not be allowed to get wet.

Answered: Who won KC or SS?

2014 World Series SF beat KC in 7 games.

Answered: How many times did Casey Stengel win the Manager ...

They didn't have a Manager of the Year award until 1983. Casey Stengel died in 1975.

Answered: Nascar Sports or Auto Sports

They have "Motorsports" but not specifically NASCAR.

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