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Answered: What to say to a college coach about walking on a ...

Coach, I want to play football. I'd like to be your place kicker. I have never played football, but I play soccer so I'm kicking all the time. What do I have to do to play for you? Spring practice ...

Answered: What did sf giants do to win world series?

They scored more runs than Kansas City in the last game, and in three of the first six games.

Answered: Rocmike aliases of the day

You left out Anne Southern, another alias for Rocmike, who claims to be female.

Answered: Demi Lovato obsessed with marriage

Tadpole, you are too old to be fit for marriage and have so many bad habits only a queer would want you. Your porno proved that fact. Now, if you could get over that ridiculous leftist fad maybe you ...

Answered: Golden Globes 2015: Keira Knightley dress took 30 ...

So what, Tadpole? Couldn't you get one at Goodwill? After all, you have no career, so shop at Salvation Army. I'm sure you can get something to wear out of the rag ...

Answered: Rocmike aliases of the day

He is harassing the one he calls Rocmike. I enjoy Rocmike's aliases and poop pictures

Answered: How to make dried sauge?

Dried sausage is disgusting. It tastes like solid grease, and that means dump it into the waste can as too high cholesterol to be good food.

Answered: Rocmike aliases of the day

Boulder was formerly Giles, Chivalrous Warrior, Ben Sutton, Nameless, Stealth, Ignorant, and now Boulder.

Answered: How to get 1/8 and 2/8 cup math?

1/8 + 2/8 = 3/8 Think of 1/8 as a flower: One flower + 2 flowers = 3 flowers..... In the same way: 1/8 + 2/8 = 3/8

Answered: What are qaulification for selection to baseball ...

It is up to the voters, who are baseball writers. Some of the qualifications might be leading the league, such as winning a Cy Young award, or home run record, or MVP. Randy Johnson got 95% of the ...

Answered: Where to buy fiuggi bottled water?

I found comfortable and cheap buy the water at , staying on Massachusetts the local pickup is very convenient.

Answered: Martial arts training equipment

Hello Andy, I think you can get martial arts weapons easily from your local store or can ordered online martial arts store as

Answered: Basketball playoffs

There are 50 states. Are we supposed to guess which one you're talking about. Idiot.

Answered: What do tomahaks on helmets mean on fsu

They're called the Seminoles. That is an American Indian tribe. If you don't know what tomahawks have to do with Indians you're an idiot.

Answered: Where is ryan culbreath undrafted free agent?

Ryan broke his foot last may two days before leaving for Green Bay Packers camp. He is completely healed and working hard. He is in excellent condition.

Answered: How big is michael jordans dick?

It's a black nigga cock covered in Fucha pubes 20 inches in length and has sperm carrying tiny basketballs cuz all black babies are born part nigga who balls

Answered: Anxious to know the hypnosis and its benefits?

Hypnosis has an interesting history. There was a man named Mesmer who would preform in front of crowds and he would hypnotize them with very good results. Someone took him seriously and put him ...

Answered: You want to know about hynosis a little?

in this link you will know as:

Answered: Don't know nothing about hypnosis, but you want ...

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