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Answered: What is 7 over 9 minus 1 over 12 in lowest terms?

7/9 - 1/12, the lowest common denominator is 36, so 7/9-1/12 = 28/36-3/36 = 25/36 which is in lowest terms.

Answered: Best E-commerce website service Provider Company ...

More over there no doubts that its Multi vendor e commerce script and fancy clone script by Fantacy

Answered: What city is about 23.5 square miles?

An Internet search finds Houston, Alaska; Gulf Breeze, Florida; Leavenworth, Kansas. Also the ancient city of Ur.

Answered: The most effective method to Repair Windows ...

Simple "Hire the best window repair experts." your problem will be solved effectively. Comp Control UK

Answered: Some formulas of Arithmetic progression/series

Thanks for the lesson in fourth grade math. Try something a bit more advanced in this crowd.

Answered: How does temperature affect mass of apples over ...

The Eythylene Action depends on what temperature the fruit was at when picked. In many cases, ethylene "ripening" will cause the peels to turn color but does no good for sweetening or ripening of the ...

Answered: What percent is 48 of 261?

48/261 = .1839... and multiplied by 100% gives 18.4% (rounded off)

Answered: Julie, I think you were ...

Unless Julie told you she reads AOL Answers, your chances of reaching her here are about 1 in a million. You should be trying to reach her by email or through the web site. Her email ...

Answered: Large Carbon mines in North america to support ...

WOW! Another 20 straight hours of posting by the leftist Muslim Atheist poster. It has posted under 6 different aliases and is still posting. What kind of life does he have? It's sad, lonely and full ...

Answered: WHAT IS YOUR OPINION OF gregorian chant?

I like Gregorian chant. There is a group St. Ann's Choir that sings Gregorian chant in Palo Alto CA.

Answered: Online data entry

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Answered: How many diffrent 4 letter words can be formed ...

There's a word finder that also lists CION (variant of scion) and CONN (to direct the steering of a ship).

Answered: How can I find air?

Air is all around you. It contains oxygen. If there was no air, it would be vacuum, and you couldn't breathe.

Answered: A given mass of gas occupies 850cm3 at 320k and ...

PV=nRT so PV/T is a constant for a given mass, or P1V1/T1 = P2V2/T2 where T1 = 320 Kelvin and T2 = 273 Kelvin, P1 = .92x10^5 and P2= 1.01 x 10^5 so V2 = V1 x (P1/P2) x (T2/t1) = 850 cm3 x (.92/1.01 ...

Answered: How to install 2x6 insulation on a cieling?

Have you tried stables along the flap on each side of the batt?

Answered: What is 2 percent of $13.15 ?

2% of $13.15 is 26.3 cents, rounded off it is 26 cents.

Answered: How many cubic yards is in 300 square feet?

1 yard = 3 feet Use this conversion relation to find out your answer

Answered: 50 x 100 yards = 5000yards ^2

Can you please elaborate your question..I didn't understand what you have asked exactly..

Answered: What is a 4 inch centermeter square in engish?

1 inch = 2.54 centimeters Use this relation to get your answer

Answered: Problem on train

Thank you for your reply

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