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Answered: AOL Answers is shutting down!!!

It has not shut down. Everyone left.

Answered: Why is jada back starting sht!!

Is any of this FOR REAL? Is this thread originating in a pysch ward?

Answered: Verizon bought AOL... will they keep AolAnswers ...

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Answered: .Who holds the copywrite on song Precious Lord

I'm not sure. But if you need a copywriter, contact Rule of Three – the Copywriting Studio at:

Answered: Quarry mining crushing equipment

As you said, there has been a slow development in the mining equipment in the last decade but now the equipment for mining industry have been developed with latest technology tools and ideas. The use ...

Answered: What do you think about blueberries? Are they ...

I think blueberries is so dilicious. I love it

Answered: Girl I must confess, your love is the best ...

Girls are the most good gift from god, you had better appreciate the gift

Answered: Why?


Answered: Who ran from god in the bible?

I am researching that right now myself but off the top of my head are Jonah, and Adam and Eve. There are others.

Answered: Does Obama Fight Against Religion?

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Answered: How to buy facebook likes?

I do not know about more deep about selling organization, but checked so many organization services that may good Loretta given good answer.

Answered: What color goes best with lavender?

Well, in nature you see it paired with green all the time and also gray/green. To make it pop, put it with yellow which is it's contrasting color.

Answered: Coming Soon: Atheist Church?

Don't get your panties in a bunch, there's no atheist church. You believers will believe anything won't you?

Answered: I went to a church one time and a bunch of ...

"Tongues" isn't a real language, but rather it's the Christian name for the gibberish they sometimes "speak" at revivals, particularly in the Southern U.S.. To speak it, just start spouting off some ...

Answered: Where to buy agate slices in nyc?

Check out ROCK STAR CRYSTALS, a rock shop in the heart of Manhattan in the Chelsea area of NYC. They carry AGATE in just about every form, including AGATE SLICES in several sizes (including hugh ones ...

Answered: Pastor Jim Christian Anderson - Iowa - does anyone ...

The Danish author Hans Christian Andersen spelled the last name with -sen. He had no descendants.

Answered: Why did Yadja, a.k.a. LadyDarkoE, a.k.a ...

You're a very hateful, miserable person. I feel sorry for you.

Answered: What does it Mean Special Prayer??

When someone expresses to the church a prayer for someone or a people in need. It is a focused prayer one that sends vibrations to our Father in Heaven on a large scale. Many voices.

Answered: Islam is shit

That just about covers it.

Answered: Give me a big fine bitch in a dress, one who ...

Find it at Sparky's place. The ho and her daughter are right up with the best.

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