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Answered: Savings plan for self or family?

Yes of course, you should have a savings as well as an insurance plan for yourself and your family. I have covered my family with the Zurich Vista insurance plan. It covers regular savings ...

Answered: Where is zip code 26443?

Troy, WV 26443 is southwest of Clarksburg.

Answered: How old was america yesterday?

The United States of America counts its birthday as July 4, 1776. So in 2014 it turned 238.

Answered: Dr.James Dobson I am a new christian and I ...

Our government dependent friend the leftist Muslim Atheist poster started posting around 2 pm est. Under its first alias, Anne S., it posted for over 2 hours. It posted under its newest alias Bill J ...

Answered: What is love ?

Being in love or loving someone would perhaps be one of the greatest things that a person can experience in the world. Another expression of people's love for each other Love locks. Love locks

Answered: Facebook user name.and profile. find.joey ...

Facebook doesn't connect from here. You'd have to go to an intermediate site. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::snicker::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Answered: Is this sentence grammatically correct?

It is correct. Give a space between High and School.

Answered: What wrong with this guy ? I don't like him

Have enough respect for yourself to leave this situation and the person who caused it.

Answered: What size pants should 64 inch tall female wear?

Measure the waist size and the inseam. Those are the sizes that matter most.

Answered: Ivf process

It depends on the country and center of your choice, for example if you will have IVF in Mexico the average cost would be $3,600 USD it is a Mini IVF which includes Monitoring, medical fees, estadiol ...

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